Habits Create Preparedness – Exciting News!

Y’all, I am over the moon with excitement! Remember me mentioning that I had four articles accepted by a new client? She posted the first of the batch to her site today. SQUEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

Head on over and check out my article, “18 Simple Habits That Create a Preparedness Mindset”, on Daisy Luther’s The Organic Prepper website. Then you can come back and happy dance with me. (Yes, I am totally doing the Carlton dance. WOOT!)

4 Replies to “Habits Create Preparedness – Exciting News!”

  1. Came over from Organic Prepper…nice article. I’ll defintely be bookmarking some for use!

    I always try to bring some sort of sweater and good footwear because you never know what may happen! Great advice 🙂

    1. Hi Sascha – thanks so much for coming by to visit, and for taking the time to leave a comment! I’m delighted that you found the article of use. 😀 You’re so right; having sturdy shoes and layers is a must. Ya just never know!