Book Review: More Than I Can Say by Anna Belle Rose

As I mentioned recently, an author friend of mine recently provided me with an Advance Review Copy of her most recent release. More Than I Can Say is Anna Belle Rose’s third romance novel and I am honored to have had the opportunity to read this book.

Here’s the description from Amazon:

Georgiana Hewitt seems to have it all. She is beautiful, professionally successful and financially secure. But her love life is pathetic. When her new boss, Jackson, accompanies her on a work trip, she fights her overwhelming attraction to him. She finally gives in, sharing several perfect nights with him, knowing it can only be a fling. Two months later, Georgiana is shocked to realize that she is pregnant, and heartbroken when she miscarries before she can tell Jack. Weeks later, when Jack finds out about the pregnancy, his rage and hurt drive him away. Can he forgive her, and can they have a future together?

Having previously read Anna Belle Rose’s first two novels, it seems like she’s really hit her stride with More Than I Can Say. I felt like I got to know the main characters really well, particularly George. Lots of depth with everyone in this book, and so many issues are brought up that I wanted to learn more about when all was said and done. There are several characters that I hope Rose writes additional books for, most especially Boone, who I went and begged for a happy ending for. (There may or may not have been a response that I’m getting my wish and Boone is getting his own book – SQUEE!)

More Than I Can Say made me laugh, made me cry, and made me think. It also made me want to string lights in the trees and wish for justice against a certain character. You’ll have to read it to find out why. I’m willing to bet your response will be as visceral as mine.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Abuse survivors should know that sexual assault and physical abuse are addressed in this book. It is addressed with love by the characters involved, but was hard to read. Please make sure that you are prepared for this and if you are a survivor, you have access to whatever support systems you deem necessary when confronting such issues. The scenes are well-written and as a reader, I came to love the individuals involved who supported George through her trials, but it is not something one should walk into unprepared if dealing with trauma.

More Than I Can Say is available on Amazon in print and Kindle format, as are Anna Belle Rose’s first two novels, That One Small Omission and The Phone Call. You can get in touch with her on Facebook, via Twitter as @KFAnnaBelleRose, or on her author website. She has a memoir in the works that will surely be a treasure.

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