8 More Preparedness-Related Stocking Stuffers

(See part 1 of this series here)

Are you getting inspired by the idea of helping your friends and family become more prepared this holiday season? I have to admit, I’m having a ton of fun coming up with these ideas. I have some family members who further along their journey to preparedness than others, and I love the thought of finding something they haven’t seen yet (or haven’t splurged on for themselves). On the other hand, being able to help others get started is exciting to me – I hope that something I get them will serve them well at some point.

That said, give this second installment to my list a look-see. Maybe you’ll spot just the right little item for someone you love as well!

  1. Hand sanitizer – Find out if the recipient uses the standard alcohol-based sanitizers or prefers herbal or essential oil based products. I adore the offerings of Grove and Clean Well, personally.
  2. SAS Survival Guide Pocket Edition by John Wise- While bigger stockings might hold the full-sized version, this pint-sized edition is super handy. Our copy has been toted around the planet by my son since he was about four years old. He fell in love with it because it was “bubby sized”; he keeps it around as a preteen because it’s just so useful!
  3. Multitool – Pick a brand, any brand. Depending on your budget, you might go with a starter from Wal-Mart (under $5) or a hefty beast that can take on almost anything (we like SOG products at my house). Just remember to take into account the maturity level and activities of the recipient – a discussion about proper use and not carrying it into a classroom might be in order.
  4. Seed sprouting kit – Know someone who wants to eat healthier or loves gardening but has no land? A sprouting kit in a jar might be just the ticket!
  5. Mylar emergency blanket – Just one of many things that can go in their glove box, backpack, or office drawer as a key start to an emergency kit.
  6. Freeze dried food in small pouches – Fruits like banana and peach slices are handy as the beginnings of a food storage effort, as they let the recipient test out a few brands before committing to anything. A fun option for kids are dessert items like cheesecake bites, astronaut ice cream, and the “Snackies” line from Thrive Life.
  7. Water collection/filtration device – The hikers and hunters on your gift list will probably appreciate a good metal canteen or water bottle (not insulated – that way they can boil water and cook directly in it!); if you know the person is trying to put together their first emergency kit, you might lean more toward a Seychelle water bottle or a Lifestraw or Sawyer filter, or even a container of water purification tablets. You can even find Nalgene bottles with emergency kits in them at your local outdoor store – even more bang for your buck.
  8. Fire starter/fire starting kit – Another goodie you can go peruse in the camping section of your favorite store, again keeping in mind the maturity level of your recipient. Fire starting can be as simple as some strike-anywhere matches (add a couple of jar candles and it’s decorative and functional) or a handsewn leather bag with tinder, flint & steel, and much more. I’ve gotta say, Mrs. Santa is making sure a there’s a Bushcraft Necklace from Wazzoo Survival Gear in her own stocking this year. Just sayin…..

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