Prepare Anywhere: Is Your Family Prepared for Your Death?

If 2020 has raised concerns for you about estate planning, but you’ve worried your family will find the topic off-putting or morbid, the holidays may be the time to address the issue. Whether we’re gathering in person or virtually, this is the perfect time to tell our loved ones how much we love them, and to plan for their (or our) future.

I’m honored to have an article posted today at The Organic Prepper about how this type of prudence and planning by my grandparents made their deaths more about memories and less about legal issues. I hope it is of assistance to you as you examine these topics and wish you strength when you sit down with the appropriate advisors to tackle these very important tasks to streamline your passing and allow your survivors to mourn YOU, not focus on legal and financial entanglements.

Many thanks to Daisy Luther for the opportunity to share my thoughts and my Nana’s story. Click here to read the article now!