Three Ways to Prepare in Just Five Minutes Each

1) Filling your gas tank? Set the pump on auto so you can check your tire pressure and look for nails/screws that could cause a slow leak; also check treads for safe depth and any sign of uneven wear. Fill low tires (or remove air, if seasonally appropriate) before leaving the gas station.

2) Cold and flu season is coming. Wipe down phones, door handles, your steering wheel, and anything else you touch where germs might linger. Getting in this habit before bugs hit your area means you’ll be ready to go when cootie sharing really starts!

3) Snow is already flying in parts of North America. Check tire chains for rust or breakage and call for an appointment to repair/replace as necessary. Verify that each vehicle has an ice scraper, a set of winter accessories for each passenger (warm hat, gloves/mittens, and scarf), a warm blanket or Mylar emergency blanket(s), and other winter car kit goods. Consider picking up some kitty litter or sand for traction or weight for your cargo area – you want to have it before you need it!