Books Read in 2016 (Part 4)

Here’s the last portion of my list of 199 books read in 2016! (If you’d like to read the other parts of my book list from 2016, part one is here, part two is here, and part three is here.) Oh! Be sure to take a look at the tabs at the top of my site – I’ve added a page for sharing my 2017 reads! I hope you enjoy reading through those as well.

And now, here’s the last two pages from my reading list:
The Gathering: End’s Beginning – Lindsay
The Journal: Ash Cloud – Moore
The Journal: Crimson Skies – Moore
No Impact Man – Beavan
Beeswax Alchemy – Ahnert
The Heal Your Gut Cookbook – Boynton & Brackett
Call to Arms: Nations Fall – Lindsay
The Journal: Raging Tide – Moore
The Journal: Fault Line – Moore
EMPulse – Moore
Wailing Wood – Menscher
Pioneer One – Tarr
Waiting on a Train – McCommons
Scandinavian Needlecraft – Youngs
Alone and Invisible No More – Teel
Two Percent for the Planet – White
Wild Flavors – Emmons
Flowerbed of State – St. James
We Are Unprepared – Reilly
The Scarlet Pepper – St. James
Oak and Dagger – St. James
Unstuffed – Soukup
Buried in a Book – Arlington
Every Trick in the Book – Arlington
Books, Cooks, and Crooks – Arlington
Knit the Sky – Redmond
First Wheel in Town – Chrisman
Mend It Better – Roach
Weaving Made Easy – Gipson
Victorian Secrets – Chrisman
Time to Weave – Patrick
Favorite Scandinavian Projects to Weave – Ignell
Simple Woven Garments – Goldenberg & Patrick
This Victorian Life – Chrisman
A Widow’s Walk Off-Grid – Dobbs
When the Power is Gone – Glaspy
When the Peace is Gone – Glaspy
Curtain Fall – Cary
Tapestry of Lies – Martin
Redoubt – Bunker
The Balanced Warrior – Moneymaker & Paul
Lamp Black – Cary
Compass Call – Cary
The Undaunted – Lund
Only the Brave – Lund
To Soar with Eagles – Lund
Tread Fearless – Cary
Twelve Days of Christmas – Macomber
Dragnet Nation – Angwin
Names for the Sea – Moss
Small Town Roads – Johnson
Are You Ready? How to Prepare for an Earthquake – Mooney
Understanding Your Endowment – Jensen
Emergency Evacuations – Bedford
Temple Worship – Skinner