Embracing Austerity

A few years ago (and a few blog locations ago), I really enjoyed joining in the collective attempts of the blogosphere in the “Riot for Austerity”. As soon as I saw Wendy’s recent post about it, I knew I’d have to join in. Over the fall of 2016, I backed off on a few frugal and homestead habits, but have been feeling the need to get back to them. The new “riot” is a welcome reminder to help get on track while we are still in our current home, and to find resources that will help us continue to stay on our path in our new one. I’m quite happy to join in and to have found the new-to-me blog of the new riot’s hostess.

The first thing I’ll be tackling in our utility usage. In our case, living in military housing means we don’t receive any information about our water usage, whatever it may be – my family simply uses good water conservation practices and assumes the best. We do, however, receive a monthly statement of our electric and natural gas usage, and with an electric water heater, our hot water usage does affect our electricity bill. In our case, the statement often comes with a rebate check; our monthly rent prepays for the house and utilities, which are figured into a neighborhood average. Those under the baseline amount receive a refund while those over the baseline are charged for the extra they use.

Since I happen to have recently received our electric & gas statement, Continue reading