Fiber Arts Reading List

Knitting and Reading ~ 17 January 2017

Some of my favorite posts each week are Keep Calm Craft On at Frontier Dreams and Yarn Along at Small Things. I love having the opportunity to peek into other people’s craft rooms and yarn bags and see what they are working on and reading. I always see such lovely work and find something interesting to look up at the library or bookstore. I also so enjoy sharing my current projects and what I’m reading.…

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Fiber Arts Frugal Lifestyle

Uber Frugal Month (Thus Far)

I’m not a resolution maker these days. Years ago I used to take the time to write up a list of resolutions, but any more, I just have a mental “to do” list for the year. I do enjoy the January frugal living challenges that come up each year though. We keep things fairly small through the holidays, but come the new year, it’s refreshing to see what others are doing to dive into a…

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