Frugal Accomplishments for the First Week of 2018

Happy New Year, everyone! As you may recall, one of my favorite reads each week is Brandy’s Frugal Accomplishments post on The Prudent Homemaker. I love the sense of community, the many ideas shared by Brandy and her readers, and the inspiration and encouragement I get from each post and comment. I prune things from my to-do list every year, but one constant is reading (and hopefully contributing to) these lists – so I’m sticking with sharing on my end for 2018.

Here’s what my family accomplished the first week of January, 2018:

Saved $23 household supplies at Target – Using Cartwheel app we Continue reading

Frugal Accomplishments ~ Weeks Ending 17 and 24 Dec 2017

Hello everyone! I’ve been noting a few frugal accomplishments in the comments on Brandy’s blog, The Prudent Homemaker, the past couple of weeks. Since I’ve been so quiet here lately, I thought I’d share the rest of my December frugal notes with here today. I just realized that with the timing of the holidays, our next Frugal Accomplishments recap will fall on the very last day of the year. How fun!

Okay, here’s my breakdown for the past two weeks:

Week ending 17 December 2017:
*Made homemade dishwasher soap
*Used passive solar to heat house (with daytime sun) and keep cold air out (once the sun went down and temps dropped)
*Used warm blankets and Continue reading

December 2017 Goals

How did November go for you? Did you accomplish some of what you hoped to? You can see my November list here, with updates. Now, on to December! I’ve decided to shorten my list this month, so I’ve only put a couple of items in each category. It can be a bit discouraging to have a long list of things and only get a portion of them done; I’d much rather look back on each week and have the potential to ADD things that I did instead.

Sprout seeds
Sort & scan vital documents to USB drive
Write preparedness curriculum for kids’ 2nd semester (This started as a social studies unit study, because Continue reading

Frugal Accomplishments ~ Week Ending 5 Nov 2017

Each week Brandy at The Prudent Homemaker shares her frugal accomplishments from the previous week. These weekly posts are some of my very favorites to read – both Brandy’s posts and her readers’ comments provide a great deal of inspiration and encouragement for me. Here are my frugal doings from last week:

*Turned off ice maker in freezer; put a jar of filtered water in the fridge to get cold & informed daughter (who is the main one using ice right now) of the change
*Cut 4 handkerchiefs for myself out of two old T-shirts
*Took Navy showers
*Packed lunch for myself and kids for Continue reading

November 2017 Goals

How did October go for you? Did you accomplish some of what you hoped to? I got a few things finished and a few things I straight took off the list. You can see my October list here, with updates. Now, on to November!

Pantry & Preparedness:
Use Sun Oven as much as possible (we are finding it’s a trial and error process – but it’s fun and free fuel!)
Charge & program our HAM radios (Still learning how to program them, but they are charged!) Continue reading