Fiber Arts Knitting Reading List

Knitting & Reading ~ 30 Jan 2022

Woohoo! I was able to read ALL of the books on last week’s list, which was a tall order – Becoming Supernatural is a long book and a deep dive. In addition to those titles, I grabbed another from my print book “to read” basket – The Matriarch (a biography about Barbara Bush). It’s another long read, but dedicating all of my reading time on Friday and Saturday meant I finished it late Saturday night. I’m glad to be working my way through the print books at a good speed. The whole point of that book basket is to work my way through titles that have been sitting on my shelves unread, so I can decide whether to pack them or pass them on. Almost all of them need to be dealt with by the end of April – the exceptions being the books purchased for my advanced yoga teacher training and/or research for my Master’s thesis. If those aren’t read before pack out day, it’s not a biggie, as I’ve allotted them their own suitcase for the move. (We’ll be storing our belongings for who knows how long, so those items need to be in my car instead.)

SO, here’s the current reading list for the new week and month:

  • Surviving Mass Victim Attacks – Jackson (Kindle)
  • In an Unspoken Voice – Levine (print – required text for upcoming YogaFit training)
  • YogaFit manuals x 2 (I’ll share what these are after the trainings, which are this week)

I’ve now cleared my Overdrive account for the time being. I do have some items on hold but they look to be two to four months out, depending on the waitlist. No rush on those! I spent some time clearing my Kindle app last week as well. I try to keep my phone fairly clear and only have unread Kindle books on the app, but an update a few months back mysteriously deleted everything I had on there. In the process of re-downloading titles, I actually downloaded a handful of books that WERE read – but I read them several years ago and didn’t remember when I saw the covers/titles. Upon opening them and finding them at 100%, I went ahead and deleted them from my device and can mark them off my “to read” list in my planner. There were also some freebies that I collected several years ago when I was into snagging almost anything free on Kindle; those I’ve opened up, started, and deleted as they are not of interest after all. Storage space returned and less on my to-read list to boot.

I’ve done no knitting, since my time was spent reading or packing books, so we’ll just skip the knitting project list this week!