Knitting & Reading ~ 24 January 2022

I finished one book from last week’s list – The Disaster Diaries by Sam Sheridan. (It was a good read, if you’re interested in nonfiction about emergency preparedness.)

This week I’m reading:

  • Becoming Supernatural – Dr. Joe Dispenza (Overdrive) Completed 25 Jan
  • Get Your Head Out of Your Asana – Jason Revere (Kindle) Completed 26 Jan
  • Embrace Yoga’s Roots – Susanna Barkataki (Kindle) Completed 27 Jan
  • American Hemp Farmer – Doug Fine (Print) Completed 26 Jan

My knitting projects are the same:

  • PNW Yarn Crawl 2015 Cowl
  • Flax Light Sweater
  • Churchmouse Basic Socks