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Happy New Year ~ 2022 ~

Happy New Year, everyone!

This time of year, many people are examining their lives and creating resolutions, setting goals, choosing intentions, selecting a “word of the year” – and much more. I personally tend to just set goals as I see things I want to adjust or need to accomplish, and that happens year round, but December and January do lend themselves to a bit more examination simply due to the cycle of the year. To me, winter creates a quieter time, a time to let some things go (temporarily or permanently) if they don’t serve my needs, and to begin laying the foundations for new endeavors.

Being a military spouse, this often also means I learn if we will be moving in the coming year, and where that will be. (These things are also rather cyclical, based on past moves; not everyone gets this news over the holidays – it just happens to be the rotation plan our family falls on.)

Foreshadowing? Yes. Totally.

We’ve begun packing again. LOL

So while I’m doing that, if you’re interested in assessing (or reassessing) and getting some goals set, or would like to know more about intentions and manifesting, here are some thoughts from others that I’ve enjoyed:

Morgan at Rogue Preparedness shared her goals for 2022 on New Year’s Eve. Morgan is a personal friend as well as a colleague in the emergency preparedness community, so I’m very much looking forward to seeing what skills she chooses during her monthly sessions, as well as offering her encouragement as she works on her container garden throughout the year.

This guided meditation over at Chopra is one I’ll be referring to in some upcoming yoga classes. This guided meditation at Green Child Magazine, created by Mellisa Dormoy of Shambhala Kids, is focused on use by children. However, I think it’s a lovely, cozy option for adults too!

For a great example of goal setting, check out Mavis Butterfield’s One Hundred Dollars a Month blog. I used to read this blog allthetime years ago, and somehow lost track of it. I’m so glad to have rediscovered Mavis, as I love her writing and have very much enjoyed catching up with where things have gone in her life. She does a great weekly breakdown of her goals for the year, and the new goals will be up soon!

Lastly, as may be implied by this post, I have a list of goals I’m percolating on. Still deciding how many of those will actually be shared publicly, as some are business-related (did you notice the new site name?), some are family-related, and some are quite personal – but one goal that affects this space specifically is to be more active here on the blog. What that will look like throughout the year is yet to be decided, but for now I’m shooting for one post a week. Let’s see how that works out for everyone, shall we? (At the very least, you know I update the yearly Reading List page each time I finish a book – so keep an eye out there if you’d like to know what I’ve been devouring in print. And did you see the final 2021 list?)

Wishing you and yours a year full of love, light, laughter, safety, and prosperity.