Fiber Arts Knitting Reading List

Knitting & Reading ~ 30 Jan 2022

Woohoo! I was able to read ALL of the books on last week’s list, which was a tall order – Becoming Supernatural is a long book and a deep dive. In addition to those titles, I grabbed another from my print book “to read” basket – The Matriarch (a biography about Barbara Bush). It’s another long read, but dedicating all of my reading time on Friday and Saturday meant I finished it late Saturday night.…

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Goals Military Family News

Happy New Year ~ 2022 ~

Happy New Year, everyone! This time of year, many people are examining their lives and creating resolutions, setting goals, choosing intentions, selecting a “word of the year” – and much more. I personally tend to just set goals as I see things I want to adjust or need to accomplish, and that happens year round, but December and January do lend themselves to a bit more examination simply due to the cycle of the year.…

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