Customer Service – How to Be a Kind Customer, Pt. 1

Since our move, a bunch of companies have started sending me mail again – that I don’t want to receive. This includes catalogs (which cost them quite a bit to print and mail) and even a magazine subscription (which I canceled almost two years ago, and they suddenly started sending again – to the new address I never gave them!). One is even a nonprofit, so each mailing costs them money better used for other things.

Instead of sending an abrupt “remove me” email, I tried to remember that there’s a person behind each computer, and that the bulk of humans have had a kind of crappy year – even those who, like me, had a lot of silver linings and don’t mind staying home and avoiding other humans. LOL

So here’s what I’ve been sending them:

“Good afternoon,

“Please remove me from your mailing list for (mailed item). When I am able, I will access the (company/organization) website directly (to shop/donate). In the interim, I would like to reduce waste of both paper and your company’s financial resources by discontinuing these mailings.

“Thank you,
(my name, plus mailing address and any pertinent info like a customer # or catalog #)”

It’s really not that hard, especially since I type quickly. If you aren’t a speedy typist, that’s okay. Just type it once, copy and paste it in, and then edit the details for each place you’re contacting.

I’ve actually received two very cordial emails from customer service reps within an hour of emailing. It’s my high hope that, in a field where they get lambasted for things or just deal with jerks, my email gave them a sigh of relief – a nice person just needs them to do a little something. Boom, done, handled.

Remember: there. is. another. human. being. behind. that. computer. or. telephone.