2020 in Review

Well, we’re finally to the last day of 2020, and I think many of us are ready for a fresh start. We may or may not get it, but here’s hoping, at least!

Here’s a quick run-down of what I’ve been up to, on my own and with my family:

January: My husband and I, along with several good friends, successfully completed a week-long NRA training intensive to usher in the new year. I became certified as an instructor of the NRA’s Home Firearm Safety, Basics of Pistol Shooting, CCW, and Personal Protection Outside the Home courses. My husband received his next duty assignment, which was not to the state we originally were told it would be – that actually turned out to be good as we were able to “DiTY” our move (do it ourselves). THAT turned out to be a good plan since, oh, pandemic and military stop movement issues that threw a lot of monkey wrenches in the works when it was time to move.

February: We traded in my beloved Ford F-250 on a Subaru Ascent. Then I started voluntarily self-isolating, since my autoimmune disorder puts me in the high risk category with the virus, and put hardly any miles on the car. Still haven’t, really, including driving it halfway across the country. (I’m still not even to the first oil change yet. Wow.) I did get really wild and take it off on some dirt roads a few times. I even drove up a big woggledy hill (until I chickened out halfway and turned around). It TOTALLY still counts as off-roading. Totally. LOL

March: Started packing, anticipating moving mid-April. And the gods laughed…

AprilMayJuneJulyAugust: Yeah, those all kinda ran together this year, didn’t they? At various points throughout the year, my son and I completed a canine first aid course; I became a FirstCareProvider-certified Stop the Bleed instructor and a USCCA-certified Range Safety Officer. My husband and I became NRA-certified Basics of Rifle Shooting instructors and our son earned his Basics of Rifle Shooting Apprentice Instructor certification. We kept packing, had our move dates moved multiple times, scheduled and cancelled our housing clearing and signings, bumped U-Haul and hotel reservations all over the place, and thennnnn

The last week of August we hit the road, with many thanks to patient U-Haul employees and good friends who came and helped load up. 31 August, we had a whirlwind inspection of our new-to-us house on the East Coast and started the in-processing process (which is really interesting to do when most of the applicable offices are closed for, ya know, a global pandemic). Another good friend kindly came and helped us UNload, which was a literal life-saver because I developed some health problems after we arrived and could barely hobble through the house, let alone help carry anything heavy. Thankfully they abated about a month in.

SeptemberOctoberNovember: Yep. More smooshy months full of chaos thanks to a very, shall we say, “interesting” level of competence in this general area – telecommuting for husband – a leaking roof – a dozen other maintenance issues – unpacking and finding places for things (and then trying to figure out where we put them a week later since no one could remember anything LOL) – and just for fun, and potential income options later, I became a ULC-ordained minister. Son and I got to go on exactly one field trip and to one event with our new homeschool group before virus cases started jumping again and things started shutting down. The holidays have stayed quiet because our only family member out this way travels for work, and I can’t be exposed to them. Maybe next year. At some point in there I completed a Master Herbalist diploma course too. I wrote a couple of things (peep them on the Portfolio page) and edited a friend’s book.

December: Pretty much the same, but I enrolled in a degree program that will help me complete my Bachelor’s degree and take me through to my Doctorate. Oh yeah – and we’ve pretty well decided husband will retire at the end of our time here, so he’s back to school and we’re planning for when our days with Uncle Sam end. Then the holiday season began and since it was the season of coupon codes, I took a leap of faith and enrolled in a 500-hour Registered Yoga Teacher program. (That’s a pretty big deal in the world of yoga instructors. Just trust me on this one.) I’m either really on top of things or I’ve lost my mind. I guess we will see!

So there we go. My big, hairy, audacious plans for 2021 include:
• Lose twenty pounds by 1 June 2021
• Get debt free by 31 Dec 2021
• Complete my Bachelor’s by April & Master’s by July, and submit my doctoral dissertation by 31 Dec 2021
• Complete my entire 500-hour RYT training & submit it to the Yoga Alliance for credentialing by 31 Dec 2021
• Earn my USCCA certification to teach their Emergency First Aid Fundamentals course by May

I think you get the point – I’ve got some big ideas for 2021. So let’s get to it!