Frugal Accomplishments ~ Week Ending 5 Aug 2018

Well, it’s been a few weeks again since I participated in the Frugal Accomplishments posts that Brandy hosts over at The Prudent Homemaker. Proof positive things are staying pretty quiet in these parts, I suppose, and we’re just going about our daily events without anything overly exciting. We have had a few little things happen that stand out as sort of frugal, but most of it is our usual “stuff we always do”. Not going to complain, actually. I rather like things calm and quiet when possible. LOL

*Did a grocery shop at Target. Saved $11.04 using Target Cartwheel app and purchasing items that were on sale and clearance. Earned a $5 Target card with a buy 3/get a $5 card purchase. Used a $15 gift card (earned on our last trip) toward payment. Filed the receipt with Ibotta (earned $0.50 rebate) and Checkout51 (entry into $500 drawing).
*Used blinds/curtains/fans for cooling to try to run the AC less. We did get up into the triple digits multiple times though, so the AC did run more on some days, of course. Still less than many of the neighbors’ units, so that still bodes well for our utility rebate.
*Received our utility rebate for the month of June – $40 went into our savings account to be used for a principal payment on the car note!
*Made a principal payment on the car.
*Filled several seltzer bottles with tap water – an inexpensive way to add to our water storage.
*Used drying racks for clothes and relied on the new laundry schedule to keep family members on track.
*Borrowed e-books on Kindle Unlimited and Overdrive; borrowed DVDs and print books from the libraries; husband watched some shows on Amazon Prime.
*I used cloth personal wipes and handkerchiefs.
*Signed up for a subscription to a magazine we all enjoy – a two-year subscription came with a free one-year subscription to another magazine we read.
*My husband stopped for dinner one night because I had a terrible migraine; the manager included some free desserts because they were out of some items he ordered. (Yet again, his patience and professionalism pays off!)
*Husband redeemed the free pizza card (a different night) that he was given a few weeks back (there’s that patience thing LOL).
*Son ordered a couple of items he wanted using his birthday Amazon cards.
*Son and I used library internet: me for an instructor development class I’m taking (the NRA’s Refuse to Be a Victim(R) program) and him for programming on Scratch and watching lectures on Great Courses Plus.
*Used Kroger fuel points to fill both vehicles with $1 off per gallon.
*Used the Goal Zero to charge laptops and cell phones as necessary.
*Daughter pet-sat for a bit.
*Bartered an item as a part of payment toward a project a neighbor is going to do for me.
*Son started seventh grade math using Teaching Textbooks software we already had on hand from daughter (love hand-me-down curriculum!)
*Entered Swagbucks and InboxDollars codes as I found them; answered daily Swagbucks questions.
*Daughter signed up to attend a camping Trek with youth group – local leadership is covering the costs for attending.
*Received a rebate of $1.77 on an old insurance policy – put it in savings to put toward the car. 😉
*Went to community center to use fitness room and teach son how to shoot pool.
*We attended a local shooting match to get our bearings about how they do things; got to visit with some folks we know and got some great advice and wonderful encouragement from the couple running the event.
*Son has expressed an interest in joining in as a youth shooting competitor; he’s received a ton of advice and encouragement from the guys at the local gun shop. (I’ve never seen a group of men so excited to support someone!) When my husband traded an item toward something we can all use, the owner threw in a belt for son to use at the range. [Son was super excited and declared it a sponsorship. LOL I’m gonna have to get him a t-shirt made now.] Frankly, I don’t think words can express how happy the whole encounter made my Momma Heart. These fellas rock. <3

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