Frugal Accomplishments ~ Week Ending 12 Aug 2018

Happy Monday, all! Here’s my contribution to Frugal Accomplishments (hosted by Brandy, The Prudent Homemaker) this week.

*Daughter attended a free teen summit at a local college; attendees were provided with lunch and given a free T-shirt, but she was also given a reusable cup. She also got lots of great information for the future.
*Son was given a muzzleloader kit by our friend, who is a gunsmith. It was partially completed by someone else and he felt it would be a good learning experience for son (who would like to be a gunsmith), helped by my husband.
*I have been reading e-books from the library and on Kindle Unlimited.
*Husband has been watching shows on Amazon Prime (prepaid earlier this year).
*Son has been using our Great Courses Plus membership (prepaid earlier this year) to watch a physics course.
*I became a chapter leader for The Well Armed Woman late last month; I was able to affordably purchase some items at Hobby Lobby for our chapter’s information table.
*I purchased a large set of Sharpie markers at Staples on clearance ($4.75 less than original price). I actually only wanted a purple one for TWAW range days, and did not want to buy a multipack to get one marker – until I found them on clearance. The package included two black Sharpies, which are always handy anyway, so it was an acceptable option for me.
*Ordered pizza with a coupon and husband picked it up, saving delivery fee and tip.
*Husband filled both vehicles at half a tank with Kroger $1 off fuel points.
*Organized and inventoried our freezer and made a menu plan for this week reflecting what is on hand. This next payday we will only need to shop for juice, cheese, and some spices.
*Made use of Facebook for free marketing for TWAW chapter – this is so helpful since we are a new chapter and really need help getting the word out. The moderator of our military spouses’ group allowed me to share our event listings, which helped immensely.
*Entered several giveaways for items our family would make good use of. Fingers crossed! 😉
*Watched some training videos on YouTube.
*Repurposed an old, barely used binder of my daughter’s for my TWAW forms, guidebook, etc. She went through a phase where her favorite color was purple, so all the school supplies she picked were purple. Lucky for me, that’s the signature color of TWAW too!
*Finished my NRA Refuse to Be a Victim course, during which I learned ways organizations can apply for grants to cover the costs of this awesome safety training. Not frugal for me, personally, but it will be a big budget helper to others who want to attend the seminars I teach in the future who might otherwise think they can’t find funds to come – I find that really exciting!
*Received a box of magazines and coupons from my mom; which were passed on to a frugal friend after I snagged a few coupons and read through the magazines. She’ll do the same and hopefully lots of folks will get to enjoy them and save some cash.
*Received several magazines from subscriptions previously purchased with travel rewards. After I read these, they will move on to friends and family for further enjoyment.
*Daughter babysat for a few hours, adding cash to her move-out and CNA school fund.
*One of my neighbors has become vegetarian and very generously offered me a bag and a half of salmon fillets. I used the half bag for our family for a dinner, which was enough to even give the dog a helping (so good for her coat!). I traded the full bag to my frugal friend neighbor, who had offered me a bag of protein shake mix she didn’t want. Win-win!
*We were given some extra targets when we asked about making a copy of one for son to practice his rifle skills to work up to competing. Our friend’s generosity meant we all got to give it a shot. (Haaaaa….. see what I did there? )
*Found a spare queen flat sheet while changing things around in the linen closet; used it to replace the other sheet I use as a couch cover, but the dog had torn badly.
*Husband and son traded some video games son no longer wanted, toward one he has wanted to try out for a while – he lucked out and the store had a used copy in when they went in.
*Attended our homeschool group’s “back to school” meeting at a community center – free play time for my son and the other kids while the parents did paperwork and an orientation.
*Set aside a seltzer bottle for reuse for water storage.
*Husband and son attended a birthday party for the child of one of husband’s colleagues; they had hours of fun (apparently even grown-ups can’t resist bouncy houses LOL) and had pizza dinner while there.
*Did NOT buy the house we were looking at – that totally counts, right? 😀

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