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Frugal Accomplishments ~ Week Ending 3 June 2018

Happy Monday, everyone! It’s time for another frugal accomplishments check-in with The Prudent Homemaker. Be sure to pop by and visit Brandy and the other frugalites when you get a chance.

As for me, I’ve got some basic things to share and some exciting (well, to ME) news. As some of you know, I’ve got some irons in the fire for longer works. I figured it was about time to get an author page going on Facebook to prepare for when they are ready to be released. In the meantime, it will give us a place to visit and share thoughts in between blog posts, since I keep those fairly sparse. So come on by for a chat and if you like, “Like” the page. I’d sure love to hear from you there. (And hey, the Facebook page is free, so that’s frugal, right?)

Here’s the rest of my frugal doings for the week:

  • Used a birthday gift card from my father-in-law to order a new weather radio (I needed to replace our older one before monsoon season hits) and a book I had my eye on.
  • Received a credit for an audiobook in a giveaway from one of my favorite authors; applied and downloaded it.
  • Borrowed a handful of magazine back issues from the library to enjoy over the weekend.
  • Used blinds/curtains/fans to stave off the AC as much as possible. (We’re getting up to around 100F now, so it is running in the evenings – still less than some I hear, so we must be doing okay.)
  • Used drying racks as much as possible; one load in the electric dryer with wool dryer balls.
  • Borrowed e-books on Kindle Unlimited and Overdrive.
  • Researched switching plans from our cell/Internet provider. (That’s info that will be used in a few weeks after some other things take place that decide what we do and don’t truly need.)
  • Watered herbs with “dirty” water from the dog’s bowl when giving her refills.
  • Used the rest of a restaurant gift card my folks sent months ago to pay for a birthday dinner out.
  • Rotated our last big box of Valentine’s candy out for treats. Still can’t get over that deal – the giant Whitman’s samplers for $8.74 a box!!!
  • Had some play time at a city park with friends (no admission fee)
  • Got my teeth cleaned – gladly accepted a goodie bag with free toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss.
  • Husband and son went swimming at the base pool (no admission fee)
  • Grocery shopping was primarily for perishables. I did stock up on some snack items – only things that had Ibotta and Checkout51 offers. Spent $120 and earned back $14.50.
  • Came up with a barter idea to approach a local business about – we’ll see if they go for it. 😉
  • Was offered the opportunity to join an advance review team for another favorite author. Yes, please!
  • Began reading a book received for my birthday from my folks; in it, I learned about thermal cookers and started researching them. Not only would it be handy for our preparedness efforts, but it would save us money on cooking fuel. I’m sold – now to save up for the one I have my eye on!
  • Entered Swagbucks and InboxDollars codes whenever I saw them, and answered daily Swagbucks surveys.
  • Received the first issues of other magazines I subscribed to using hotel points a few months ago. Enjoyed reading them and have set them aside for my mom.
  • Checked fuel prices before husband filled up the car to find the best price in our area.
  • Drank mostly water throughout the week.
  • Watched “Kitchen Nightmares” online as well as History Channel DVDs borrowed from the library.
  • I used cloth handkerchiefs and personal cloths.
  • Cleaned the washing machine with white vinegar instead of buying cleanser powder (which has a scent I don’t care for, in addition to costing money).
  • Used homemade cleaning products and reusable cloths/towels to clean.
  • Manually turned thermostat up (from 78 to 80F) when no one was looking; as long as no one complained, I kept it up to turn the air conditioner off. If they complained, or even I couldn’t bear it any more, I let the AC unit go ahead and kick on.
  • Used the Sun Oven to bake a cinnamon swirl coffee cake and heat up lamb pasties as my birthday dinner and cake. (YAY to no gas used and keeping the kitchen from heating up!!!)
  • Used homemade cooling spritz to help cool off throughout the day.
  • Son used free Duolingo app to do Spanish and German lessons for homeschool.
  • Made an extra principal payment on husband’s car, in addition to regular payment made as scheduled.

4 thoughts on “Frugal Accomplishments ~ Week Ending 3 June 2018”

    1. Well done, Marybeth! I’m looking forward to hearing more about how the garden comes along. This year we are living vicariously through everyone who has gardens in. Just some wee herb plants for us right now. Thank you for the encouragement on the car! Will pop by in a moment to read the rest of your list – thanks for the inspiration and for stopping by!

  1. I’m glad it’s not so hot here. I would just wilt:).

    I’m hoping that Sunday will be a good day to rest after all the graduation excitement going on around here, and that I can take a big breath for the week ahead, which is still busy, but not as bad as this one.

    I have been using that Ibotta app as well. After redeeming all the initial bonuses for starting, my earnings have slowed as I expected. Still, a few cents here and there is still adding up, slowly but surely. I’m not sure what I’m saving up for, probably more groceries, since I did pay out for the items from the grocery budget in the first place, but I haven’t decided. So, I’m just letting it add up for now. I have one more round of shopping to do on Friday for the graduation party on Saturday, so may find some things to redeem then. Then, I expect my shopping to pretty much die completely for a while:). At least I hope so!!!!!

    We have burned through more money than I care to even think about with my daughter’s graduation, other kids we know graduating, 4 significant birthdays coming up, starting today, my car having trouble (still limping along, but I know that’s going to take $$$$ to fix in a couple of weeks:(, dance recital, and on and on and on. Fixing the car is non-nogotiable, but we will be trying to fill up those little savings envelopes again, starting next paycheck! They are getting hungry:)

    1. Hi Becky! Yes, it’s definitely an adjustment from the Northwest! We lucked out – we have lived in several hot places, one of which was VERY humid (subtropical island), so we have a bit of a leg up. We’ve been in Arizona a little over a year now and I’m still thawing out from the PNW. hahaha!

      I hope you get a much needed rest and some relaxation time. Your summer looks to be swamped with activities – fun things, but still busy, busy, busy. I hope there will be enough down time as well. 😀

      Once we get the car paid off, I’m not sure what I’ll put my savings toward from Ibotta, et al. We’ve talked about saving for some property for post-retirement; maybe I’ll just let it build up and put it in savings or, like you said, toward the regular grocery bills. Mine has slowed down a bit too, but I’m not surprised either. I’ll take whatever they will give me quite gladly. You and I can save our pennies together! Speaking of, my son found a penny in a parking lot today. WOOHOO!

      I hope the car can be fixed affordably – that is a necessity! Good luck refilling those hungry little envelopes. We don’t want them to wither away. 😉

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