Frugal Accomplishments ~ Week Ending 10 June 2018

Hidey ho, cyber-neighbors! It’s Frugal Accomplishments day again. Woohoo! When you’re done here, do drop by and visit The Prudent Homemaker and the many folks who make the time to share inspiration in the comments of her posts.

It’s been a fairly low key week for us, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing! Here’s how things panned out on the frugal living side of things:

  • Used the last of my birthday gift card from my father-in-law to order another book.
  • Borrowed books and DVDs from the libraries.
  • Returned other borrowed items as we read/watched them so we don’t accrue late fees.
  • Moved the shade structure that my husband built for the patio to shade the living room window, with the help of a friend. (THANK YOU, C!!!) We channeled our military wife superpowers – that thing is HEAVY! As the sun comes around in the late morning, I pull the bamboo blinds and that helps with the cooling of our main living space as well.
  • Manually turned thermostat up (from 78 to 80F) when no one was looking; as long as no one complained, I kept it up to turn the air conditioner off. If they complained, or even I couldn’t bear it any more, I let the AC unit go ahead and kick on.
  • Used blinds/curtains/ceiling fans to cool the house. At this point, there’s no way to keep the AC from turning on (I can’t push it past 80F or the dog starts to look a bit peaked!), but considering I’m able to keep it at or below 80F until late afternoon, I can’t complain.
  • Borrowed e-books and audiobooks on Overdrive; borrowed e-books on Kindle Unlimited.
  • Watered herbs with “dirty” water from the dog’s bowl when giving her refills.
  • Still working our way through that last box of Whitman’s candy!
  • Son and I wanted a lunch out – we went to our favorite Mexican restaurant and got an order of nachos, which we were able to split for both lunch and dinner during our Harry Potter movie marathon.
  • Entered Swagbucks and InboxDollars codes whenever I saw them, and answered daily Swagbucks surveys.
  • Used cloth handkerchiefs and personal cloths.
  • Used homemade cooling spritz to help cool off throughout the day.
  • Son used free Duolingo app to do Spanish and German lessons for homeschool.
  • Went to the library to use internet for research – trying to figure out how feasible it is to cut our home internet (and thus the bill from our provider) next month. My downfall is that there’s a cafe there – that could add up to more than the internet bill if I don’t watch it! (It is much faster internet though. LOL)
  • Received an email from Walmart that the Savings Catcher app got me a refund of $1.68 from the grocery receipt I submitted. I’ll take it!

6 thoughts on “Frugal Accomplishments ~ Week Ending 10 June 2018

  1. Our local library system is the best. We love their community programs too! Last weekend we went to a pioneer festival (helping my daughter finish up one of her scout badges) and this week I plan to attend a DIY spa class.

    • Wow, those are some great programs, Robbie! Our library really reaches out to the kids – story times for the littles, and things like anime nights and laser tag after they close for the teens and tweens. Libraries really do provide so many resources to communities. Everywhere I’ve lived, the first task once I have an address is to go get my new library card. (That’s a lot of library cards over the years. LOL)

      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment! I appreciate your visit!

      • I love to read so much, that I always get a library card quickly, too. This time was no exception–I had a new card as we were signing the papers:)

        It looks like you had a good week. Good job for moving that heavy shade structure! That sounds hard!!

        We had a good, frugal week camping. It was very fun, and we stayed within our planned budget, which felt nice when we got back home:). Then, I found 4 kinds of berries ripe on my bushes, so I picked and processed most of them. There will be more in a few days. I’m excited, since I’ve already got more blueberries in one day than I got for the whole summer (a quart and a half today alone–last year’s crop was not good).

        • Hi Becky! YES – a library card right away is a must for me. I can do without a lot of things, but not my beloved library card. 😉

          It was definitely hard to move; my friend and I both called it a workout for the day. LOL My husband came home from his trip and was flabbergasted that we got it moved. It does help keep the living room a bit more bearable after all, so I’ve asked him not to move it back to the patio side. The AC still kicks on in the evenings for a little while, but until then we just run the ceiling fan and it’s all good. Now we are into the monsoon season and getting some cloud cover and slightly cooler days, so I even have the windows/blinds/curtains open for a bit. WOOHOO!

          Congratulations on the berries! I do miss being able to forage for blackberries where we used to live, and seeing the blueberries come in on our bushes. Apparently it is almost prickly pear fruit time though, so that’s an upside to desert life. YUM.

  2. I’m super excited because yesterday we went to the library and there was a sign stating that they were no longer going to charge for people to get DVD’s from the library. It was such an unpleasant surprise when we realized that we couldn’t check out movies for free at our new library. In the past, we used that for our movie viewing. Here, we ended up getting cable so we could watch tv. It was cheaper than renting them from the library. Now, we will have to check into what they have, how much just internet costs, and so forth.

    • I would be very excited too, Becky! We rely heavily on our libraries for DVDs, and it would be quite costly if we couldn’t borrow them there for free. We do pay a large fine ($1 a day) if we return them late, but that’s understandable.

      We invested in year memberships to Amazon Prime and Great Courses Plus and do view things on those as well. Of course the internet use cancels out some of the savings on that, but my son taught himself how to download the GCP video lectures while at the library, so that helps cut our GB of use at home. I think we can do the downloads for offline watching for Prime shows too. We’re seriously considering cutting our home internet since the bulk of what we do is check emails or watch YouTube on phones now. Our “edutainment” could probably be solved with library downloads and supporting them/paying back with direct donations vs what we pay for internet at home.

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