Frugal Accomplishments ~ Week Ending 6 May 2018:

Well, folks, we’re officially into May! I’m excited to share some frugal news and happenings with you all. For more, stop on by Brandy’s blog, The Prudent Homemaker, and check out her post and the many comments there. I bet you’ll find lots of inspiration and encouragement while you’re there!

Without further ado, here’s my list:

  • Read e-books on Overdrive and Kindle Unlimited.
  • Used Kroger fuel points to receive $1 off per gallon of gas (needed 1/2 tank for the car) and $0.50 off per gallon of diesel (only needed 1/4 tank for the truck) and got both vehicles topped off before the points expired.
  • Son and I got free drinks at Starbucks using a $10 gift card I used hotel points for.
  • Won a bunch of free goodies from a local shop after entering their anniversary giveaway: a $20 gift certificate (which I put toward reusable snack & sandwich bags); three packages of mineral bath salts (two of which I am passing on to a friend); a reusable juice box (what a neat concept!); and six sample bottles of doTERRA essential oils (3 straight oils and 3 blends).
  • Target shop for groceries: Saved $14.65 from shopping sales, Cartwheel offers, manufacturer coupons, and a $0.15 credit for supplying three of our own shopping bags; used a $5 Target gift card earned on a past shop toward payment; and received $2.75 cash back via Ibotta offers. We also saved significantly on canned vegetables, tomato products, and peanut butter by checking prices against the Boxed order I had planned. (Target’s Market Pantry brand of veg and tomato items was less than the name brand items Boxed carried, even after an Ibotta rebate for Boxed purchases, so we bought there, even though the savings wasn’t completely reflected in the $14.65 shown on my receipt.)
  • Received $0.62 cash back on my last-minute Charmin Amazon deal from the prior week AND received a $1.00 April bonus.
  • Paid $310 toward the principal on the car note.
  • Used drying racks and wool dryer balls as applicable.
  • Used curtains/blinds/fans/window opening throughout the day and evening to cool/keep the house cool.
  • Saved $16.80 by ordering a bag of dog food through (List price: $72.99, their price $69.99, new autoship 20% off, regular autoship discount 5% [I was surprised to receive both!], and free shipping over $49)
  • Mended one of the sheets I use as a couch cover (the other requires a patch I will have to cut from the portion that gets tucked into the couch). I switch between a set of plain bed sheets and two heavy fuzzy blankets depending on the weather; the heavy blankets help us stay warm and the sheets make things cooler.
  • Used handkerchiefs and personal cloths.
  • Ordered oatmeal in bulk on Amazon; received $0.64 back on Ibotta.
  • Commissary trip to pick up what Target didn’t have: $5 cash back on Ibotta (which put me over $100 cash back – WOOHOO! This will be put toward the car note as a principal payment!!!) and $11.60 cash back on Checkout51.
  • Did NOT buy a SodaStream as planned – also saved by not buying seltzer. Just making do with what I have on hand and switching to plain water, much as I dislike it.
  • Received coupons and magazines from my mom; took out the coupons we can use and passed the rest on to my friend – she will also receive the magazines when I have read them.
  • Husband, son, and I took the Amateur Radio (ham) Technician exam; husband and son passed (WOOT!). I didn’t quite make it, so I downloaded two free apps to help me study more until the next test date. Also downloaded a free app for the General licensing test – my son plans to take that test at the next test date.
  • Husband signed up for a family membership to the ARRL (American Radio Relay League) while we were at the test site and received a free book, catalog, and magazine.
  • Did some research and learned that the ARRL offers multiple scholarships for members; I shared this information with several friends who have children in college or on the way there, as well as with my son for when he’s ready.
  • Used a restaurant gift card my parents sent us months ago (when we were concerned about another government shutdown) to get birthday dinner for my husband. We only used a little over half so there’s still another chunk to get a treat another day.
  • Son purchased two books at the local bookshop – one was half price because it was used. Then he realized he bought the wrong book as the “second” title in the series, so we found book two on Overdrive for him to read for now.
  • Entered Swagbucks and InboxDollars codes whenever I found them and tried to remember to do Swagbucks surveys each morning.
  • Used homemade cleaning supplies.

4 thoughts on “Frugal Accomplishments ~ Week Ending 6 May 2018:

    • We did! Payday weeks always seem to be bigger and busier though. Congratulations on hitting $75 on Ibotta – that is AWESOME!!!

  1. It looks like you had a great week, with lots of money saved. I’ve been reading frugal tips and getting myself geared up for a time where I’m going to crack down a bit on myself. I have a lot of expenses coming up, and want to save for them.

    • Great job on getting prepared in advance for those expenses, Becky. You’re smart to not let them take you by surprise! Good luck with cracking down further; I know you already run a tight ship! 😀

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