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Frugal Accomplishments ~ Week Ending 27 May 2018

The past week has been another quiet one for us, especially with taking the holiday weekend off of a lot of things. I had big plans to go do fun things, then ended up with a tweaked spot in my back and a lot of hobbling when I made it off the couch. Ah well – the upside is that we didn’t end up at the zoo, firing range, or any place else that would…

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Frugal Accomplishments ~ Week Ending 20 May 2018

Things stayed fairly quiet on the home front, so I saved up two weeks of frugal accomplishments to share with you. Payday came and went, so I did do a bit of shopping early last week that I’ll break down today. For more frugal inspiration, check out Brandy’s post at The Prudent Homemaker. If you’re new to reading these posts, be sure to read through the comments there as well. Lovely community of folks joining…

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Dealing with Pantry Pests, Part Deux

Remember my first pantry pests article for The Organic Prepper, which focused on insects? Well, I mentioned in that piece that discussing rodents would be outside the scope of that piece. Luckily for me (and any readers trying to battle creepy crawlies), Daisy Luther very kindly asked if I’d be up for doing a companion article about rodents. I sure was! It’s now live on her site: Dealing with Pantry Pests: Rodents. Y’all, I gave…

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16 Ways You Can Prepare Anywhere

Hello out there! As some of you may recall, I’m working on a nonfiction book entitled Prepare Anywhere. Life, however, sometimes means that a part-time writer needs a bit more parts of time than originally expected. 😉 While this manuscript is in progress, I enjoy giving little snippets and sneak peeks to those who are interested – and with summer coming, I know a lot of you will be attending events and traveling all over…

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