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Frugal Accomplishments ~ Week Ending 8 Apr 2018 (and More!)

Hello out there! Things got a bit busy for me and it completely slipped my mind to come do my Frugal Accomplishments post for April 1st. Nope, it wasn’t an April Fool’s joke either – just me wandering off to do other things and realizing I missed posting! So you’ll get a double tap today; I have a bit of a list for each Sunday that I’ll share with you in one fell swoop today. If you’d like to see what Brandy and the other frugalistas are up to, do go visit The Prudent Homemaker and read everyone’s comments.

Now for me and my house – first for the last week of March:

  • WAY more passive lighting and cooling now that the weather has begun to steadily warm up! The last weeks of March I was able to get some nice cross-breezes by keeping the house open most of the day, but by the end of the month, I was playing “chase the sun” and closing the blinds and insulated curtains on the side of the house that gets full sun from lunchtime on. As soon as the sun sets, I’ve got everything opened up to get the cooler air flowing before we head to bed. It cools things down quite nicely.
  • Using wool dryer balls when running electric dryer; using drying racks when possible (indoors if the winds are too fast outdoors).
  • Downloaded lots of free Kindle books.
  • Borrowed DVDs, print books, and Overdrive books from the libraries.
  • Purchased some garden supplies at Lowe’s to set up a wee herb garden and a bowl for growing greens; the plant starts and seed packets were on sale.
  • Daughter used Ibotta for the first two times, which earned her $4.75 and got me a $5 referral bonus.
  • Ordered pizza with a coupon; husband picked it up as carryout, saving the tip; the order pushed us over to a free pizza for our next order.
  • Filled both vehicles with $1 off/gallon Kroger fuel points.
  • Used homemade cleaning supplies throughout house.
  • Collected as many InboxDollars and Swagbucks codes as I could and participated in the daily 1SB survey. Watched a few home & garden videos which earned me a couple of SB as well.
  • Purchased a Swiss Army-type knift and a book for my son at the thrift store, as well as two vintage duck calls for my husband. My daughter was able to find a brand new shower curtain with hanging rings and another item for her hope chest.
  • Priced out plane tickets for daughter’s visitation trip to her father – adjusted dates as necessary based on the lower rate days for flying.
  • Purchased a lamp for the living room (something that was on my “to buy when I find a good deal on just the right item” list LOL) at an outlet store; my son spotted clearanced Ghirardelli chocolates so we got those as well.
  • Daughter found silverware sets on sale at the outlet store – she picked one and that was her birthday gift from her brother for her hope chest.
  • Son downloaded a free space game app.
  • Daughter collected job applications to stores in the area of her school (this is frugal because it used very little diesel to take her to them after picking her up from class, but also because if she’s hired at one of them, transporting her to/from work after classes will also be easy; she could even walk or ride to work after class and I could just pick her up from work).
  • Made coffee concentrate from grounds on hand.
  • Used Ibotta to place an Amazon order on some needed items – received over $2 back.
  • Queried four article ideas to a new client and she accepted them all
  • Made a principal payment on husband’s car.
  • Used library internet for several hours to work (me), do school (son), and fill out online job applications (daughter).
  • Used cloth handkerchiefs and personal cloth.
  • Husband, son, and I attended that week’s free class for a certification we are all trying to earn.

Now for the first week of April:

  • Continued with windows/blinds/curtains as described above.
  • Made another principal payment on husband’s car, in addition to the regular payment scheduled that day.
  • Enrolled in a text savings program with our bank.
  • Was given a free pen at a local store we frequent.
  • Used drying racks/wool dryer balls as applicable.
  • Consolidated errands on daughter’s birthday so that we picked her up from class, took her out for a birthday lunch, then ran our errands together before bringing her home to open gifts.
  • Used library internet for work (me) & school (son).
  • Received some of the magazines I got subscriptions to with hotel rewards points – three magazines I got to read, enjoy, and am passing on to my mom in a package I have set to go her way.
  • Borrowed DVDs and Overdrive books from libraries, including a finance/frugal living one.
  • Bought daughter’s plane tickets using a card that earns reward points, then paid it off immediately with cash.
  • Used ceiling fans and our new battery-powered desk fans to get the air moving when it was too warm to have windows open.
  • Used my battery backup and car charger to charge my phone when possible.
  • Gave daughter the birthday gifts that I had purchased on sale/clearance/with gift cards – she asked me to leave the sale stickers ON items so she could see the deals too.
  • One of her gifts was an insulated water bottle – so now she is carrying that to school instead of bottled water.
  • Put cash in the kids’ Easter eggs so they have money toward their own savings attempts.
  • Ate candy purchased on holiday clearances at Valentine’s Day.
  • Daughter’s youth activity on a week day was cancelled since there were plans for a weekend event, which saved fuel; she rode to the Saturday activity with other families as we were in classes, which was helpful and also filled vehicles for commuting together.
  • Husband cut my hair and it looks quite good! I’ve already gotten several compliments, even though he worries. I even forced him into doing layers for the first time and he nailed it. 😀
  • Submitted my four articles to my new client (I’ll post links when she posts them!) and was paid for them.
  • Kids were given free pens and my daughter was also given a keychain at a store – the joke was it was for her birthday, but she was still quite tickled they gave her some goodies. While picking up the item I had ordered, I asked about a case; they helped my husband find a used one for lower cost.
  • Used our free pizza coupon/points for dinner one night.

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