Frugal Accomplishments ~ Week Ending 29 Apr 2018

Hip hip hooray, it’s almost May! It didn’t feel like it during the month, but I just realized that April has flown by. Wow! I’m going to go ahead and get my wee list up for this last week of the month, as I’m not sure what day a post will be up at The Prudent Homemaker. Congratulations to Brandy, who had a son just a few days ago – and to your whole family! Such exciting news!

Alrighty, here we go then:

  • Used handkerchiefs throughout the week
  • Trimmed the dog’s nails at home
  • Used Kroger fuel points to get $1 off per gallon to fill the truck
  • Investigated more money saving apps; a close friend suggested the Walmart app in order to use their Savings Catcher & I decided to try out Checkout 51
  • Spotted an Amazon deal on MoneySavingMom – ordered a case of Angel Soft toilet paper (our preferred brand) and used Ibotta to get a rebate ($0.45) [EDIT: I just went back and did the Charmin deal as well. Why not? It doesn’t go bad and it’ll certainly get used up! And of course I went through Ibotta. LOL ]
  • Charged phone in truck while driving when possible
  • Borrowed e-books from library and on Kindle Unlimited
  • Rotated out one of our boxes of heavily-discounted Valentine’s chocolates
  • Used drying racks and wool dryer balls as applicable
  • Did my usual opening/closing of windows/curtains/blinds to cool house
  • Used ceiling fan in living room when necessary (I’m rather desperately trying to hold off on the AC another month – I’ve heard them running in the rest of the neighborhood all month long, day and night, so I’m REALLY chasing that utility rebate!)
  • Speaking of the utility rebate – got an email that we’ll have a $40+ rebate coming for February/March. Now I know to watch for it so it can go toward the principal on the car note.
  • Started pricing out a SodaStream. I’ve avoided them thus far because I didn’t want plastic bottles – but this week I learned there are a couple of models that use a glass carafe instead. I think I’ve found the best deal I can get, so I’m pondering.
  • Text savings for the week = $10.62, plus an additional $3 ATM fee rebate (which is automatically sent to savings) [Why this matters: every time we reach $100 over our planned savings balance, we are now applying it to the car note. This is in addition to what I can pull out of paydays after bills and planned expenses like groceries and fuel.]
  • Received an email that a local shop was celebrating their anniversary and had uploaded a 25% off $20 purchase offer on Perka. Son and I went to the shop and got him an insulated steel water bottle, an essential oil I needed, and a gift for a family member, which put us well over the minimum, so we received 25% off.
  • Was asked to write another article for a client – I’ll submit it in May and be paid upon publication.
  • Went to Customer Appreciation Day at the local food co-op; received 15% off our purchases and I submitted my receipt to Checkout 51 and earned $1 in rebates
  • Showed daughter where the clearance aisle is at the base store; she found two lipsticks (one 25% off, one 75% off) and paid $5 for $20 of merchandise
  • Collected Swagbucks and InboxDollars codes throughout the week and answered the SB daily survey (when I remembered to)
  • Daughter purchased some items for her hope chest from a friend of mine who is downsizing – a set of four Pyrex mixing bowls and a big set of kitchen towels and dishcloths (15 of them!) for $20!
  • In addition to the 45 cent Ibotta rebate noted above, I received $15 – a $5 referral and a $10 Bronze Referral bonus. I’m excited to say I’m over $90 now in Ibotta rebates – when I hit $100, it’s going toward the car! (If you’re interested in signing up on Ibotta and would like a referral code, please touch base with me. When you use someone’s code, you receive a $10 bonus after submitting $10 in rebate offers, and they receive a $5 bonus. Obviously it adds up!)
  • Rotated a bag of dog food out of the pantry into the daily use bin and started researching the best deal for a replacement bag (we like to keep two bags on hand in storage so there’s no last-minute store runs). Pretty sure I know where I’ll get it this month, but the purchase will be on payday, so you’ll see it on my list next weekend. 😀
  • On THAT note – my mom let me know that Kroger affiliates have 4x fuel points on gift card purchases until 1 May. So if you’d like to do the gift card deal with me, head over to your local Kroger (or affiliate) and pick up your cards to pick up more points. I’ll be repeating my Target card purchase, which I explained back in March – it really helped things along!Have a wonderful week, everyone!