Frugal Accomplishments ~ Week Ending 15 April 2018

It’s that time of the week again – frugal accomplishments time. YAY! Be sure to check out the amazing find Brandy posted on this week’s post at The Prudent Homemaker. So neat!

I’m excited to say I got some decent cashback on Ibotta this week, both for myself and for my daughter to add to her account. (I shopped at two stores today and each of us used one receipt.) We also found some snackie things on clearance at the base store that made everyone happy. Of course we also did a lot of our usual things to keep costs down, which always helps. So here goes my list:

  • Closed and opened the blinds/curtains/windows throughout the day. We’re taking full advantage of the cooler night air to lower the temperature at night, while listening to other folks’ air conditioners kick on and off.
  • Used drying racks and wool dryer balls as appropriate.
  • Received two more issues of magazines from the free subscriptions I ordered with hotel points earlier this year.
  • Used ceiling fans as necessary right before sundown (when our living area has gotten the hottest from constant sun) instead of turning the AC on.
  • Removed the wool blanket from our bed once nighttime temperatures got too warm for it – and then we had a freeze watch. I jinxed us! LOL
  • Used handkerchiefs and personal cloths all week.
  • Reused a hanging basket that used to be in my daughter’s art space in the bathroom for my personal cloths and a handful of handkerchiefs. (I originally had them in a basket on the back of the toilet, but I was constantly thinking something would get hung up and I’d dump everything into the toilet. Yikes! The hanging basket is mounted near the tp holder, which works much better.)
  • Borrowed books and DVDs from the libraries, as well as e-books on Overdrive.
  • Returned most of the DVDs right after they were watched and renewed one series set so that we don’t have to worry about late fees.
  • Knit more on a scarf I have in progress (free entertainment with supplies already in use).
  • Started researching alternative cell service programs – we have a little over six months left on our current contract, so I’d like to know what the other options are and if they are viable for us.
  • Filled both vehicles’ tanks with Kroger points for $1 off per gallon.
  • Got half price crackers, cookies, and jerky at the base store.
  • Spotted razor blade refills on clearance at the base store for $7.50 – originally $19.95. I bought all eight eight-packs they had marked down, which stocks me up for almost a year! (WOW!)
  • Purchased two items from my daughter’s Amazon wish list with a birthday gift card from another family member; that got more for her hope chest and almost $2 back in Ibotta rebates.
  • Placed a Walgreens order online and saved $34, including an e-coupon, a buy one/get one half off sale on OTC medicines that were on my list, feminine products that were on sale, and a buy one/get one free deal on multivitamins. I used $2 of reward points and received free shipping on the order. I also should get 3% back from Swagbucks on the purchase.
  • Saved $24 on razor blade refills for my husband – I needed to order him some and right as the page loaded on the Walgreens site, I realized I should look it up on Amazon. They had larger packages for $12 less than what I was originally looking at, and a $3 e-coupon on one pack. Received 2.5% cash back through Ibotta on the order. AND I paid for the items using the funds from selling my four articles earlier this month – woohoo!
  • Daughter got two babysitting shifts over the weekend, which added to her college fund.
  • Did a grocery trip to Target and with sales, store coupons, and Cartwheel discounts, saved $23 and got a $5 gift card. Used a $5 gift card from a previous trip toward payment. Daughter scanned the receipt into her Ibotta and got $10 cash back. (When this posts, it will put her over the $10 she needed to earn her sign up bonus of $10.)
  • Did a grocery trip to Wal-Mart for other items and got $13.25 cash back on Ibotta, which included a $0.50 bonus for April. This puts me at almost $75 earned since I signed up and I’m “thiiiiis close” to earning another April bonus.
  • Purchased three small items that were on my general running “to buy” list via Amazon, through Ibotta, which should get 2-3% back per item when it posts. (That will hopefully put me over the next bonus threshold – they weren’t large purchases, so we’ll see!)
  • Watched for Swagbucks and InboxDollars codes and entered them whenever I could.

I’m on the hunt for more savings and cash back apps – so if you have certain ones you love, feel free to post a referral link in the comments for me so I can check them out. I really love when I can help others earn a referral fee if I choose to sign up for something!

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