Frugal Accomplishments ~ Week Ending 29 Apr 2018

Hip hip hooray, it’s almost May! It didn’t feel like it during the month, but I just realized that April has flown by. Wow! I’m going to go ahead and get my wee list up for this last week of the month, as I’m not sure what day a post will be up at The Prudent Homemaker. Congratulations to Brandy, who had a son just a few days ago – and to your whole family! Such exciting news! Continue reading

Pantry Pests Piece Posted at The Organic Prepper

Try saying that five times fast, eh? 😀 I’m excited to share that my third article for The Organic Prepper has been posted. This time it’s about those creepy crawlies that can wreak havoc on our food storage. Pop on by and check it out – it’s entitled Dealing with Pantry Pests: Bugs. You’ll never look at your oatmeal the same again!

Frugal Accomplishments ~ Week Ending 22 April 2018

It’s frugal accomplishments day again! Brandy’s post for the third week of April is up and there are tons of inspiring comments to peruse as well. We had a fairly quiet week, so my list is a bit short. Hope this finds everyone well!

  • Downloaded two free Kindle books and borrowed one on Kindle Unlimited
  • Received $3.42 on Ibotta ($0.42 rebate and $3 April boost bonus)
  • Collected Swagbucks and InboxDollars codes; did the SB daily survey; clicked thru several SB emails that gave me a few points just for reading them
  • Used handkerchiefs and personal cloths
  • Opened & closed windows/blinds/curtains as necessary to cool house
  • Daughter won a $15 gift card to a fast food place through a school raffle; she used it to purchase 1 meal, which leaves her enough to get another meal later
  • Bank’s text savings program: $21 in savings in one week
  • Read a Kindle book that was published this week, which I had ordered previously at a pre-release sale price
  • Kids and I used our gift certificates from a book trade-in at the local bookshop; I used mine to order print copies of some books I really enjoyed on Kindle, purchased a used book, and bought a birthday gift for a family member
  • Charged my phone in vehicles whenever possible
  • Bought some magazines at the base store, where they are 10% off the cover price; husband needed new running shoes and got them there, where he saved sales tax
  • Attended the last session of our free amateur radio class
  • Stopped for lunch afterward, but the servings are so big, all of ate for several meals off of each
  • Husband needed Shop-Vac filters – I ordered them on Amazon (Prime prepaid shipping) through Ibotta (should be 3% back)
  • We watched DVDs from the library and made sure to put the DVDs and borrowed books by the door so I can turn them in when due tomorrow, to avoid late fees
  • Used ceiling fans as necessary instead of turning on air conditioning
  • Husband is watching a TV series on Amazon Prime
  • Used wool dryer balls when using electric dryer
  • Spotted a penny on the ground and told son so he could have it for his bank


Frugal Accomplishments ~ Week Ending 15 April 2018

It’s that time of the week again – frugal accomplishments time. YAY! Be sure to check out the amazing find Brandy posted on this week’s post at The Prudent Homemaker. So neat!

I’m excited to say I got some decent cashback on Ibotta this week, both for myself and for my daughter to add to her account. (I shopped at two stores today and each of us used one receipt.) We also found some snackie things on clearance at the base store that made everyone happy. Of course we also did a lot of our usual things to keep costs down, which always helps. So here goes my list: Continue reading

Starting Over After a Disaster – My Next Article is Up!

Daisy Luther has posted my second article submitted for her site, The Organic Prepper! It’s called Starting Over After a Disaster – but you might be surprised to learn that starting over actually starts before a disaster. Click on over and check it out! Please let me know what you think of it – I’d love your feedback.

(And yes, you can safely assume that I am insanely excited about this and would dearly love it if you share the link far and wide. LOL)