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Frugal Accomplishments ~ Week Ending 11 Mar 2018

Happy Monday, everyone! Time for another Frugal Accomplishments update. I have a fairly short list this week, but some of the things brought us a lot of happiness, so I’ll take ’em. 😉 If you’d like to pop by and see Brandy and her other readers for some more encouragement, you can find her post for the week here.

As for me and my house – last week we saved with the following:

  • Husband received a free magazine and fleece watch cap with an order he placed for some work equipment
  • Used drying racks to dry several loads of laundry
  • I used cloth personal wipes and handkerchiefs
  • Used blinds & insulated curtains for passive solar heating/cooling
  • Used wool dryer balls in the loads we did run through the electric dryer
  • Received Ibotta rebates on Amazon orders for things on my running “to buy” list
  • Watched for InboxDollars “WinIt” codes & Swagbucks “Stealth Codes”; entered those whenever I found them and also answered the daily Swagbucks questions
  • Called and cancelled an automatic renewal of Family Tree Magazine (would have been $27 charged to my card later this month)
  • Dropped off library books and DVDs & renewed two books to be able to finish them, then returned them as well, avoiding late fees
  • Went to the base store for running shoes for husband – wandered the clearance section and found 3 items for my daughter that were 75% off (which finishes out my birthday shopping for her); also found some batteries for one of husband’s work items for 25% off; received a $0.05 credit for supplying our own bag
  • Son spotted crackers on clearance at the shoppette (like a 7-11 on bases) – clearanced dry goods were B1G1Free, so he got two boxes of Saltines for a little over a dollar
  • While at a local shop we all love, husband was trying to make a purchase, but the item wasn’t in inventory, so the owner was called and arrangements were put in place quickly. While waiting, we were given a set of laser etched glasses with the shop name and my son was offered a box of Girl Scout cookies from the pile one of the guys had purchased. The price of his purchase included some useful accessories – not expected, but surely appreciated!
  • Received coupons and some magazines from my mom; I’ve pulled the coupons I will use and am passing the rest on to a friend today
  • While discussing a proofreading project with a new client, I was offered a paid writing opportunity as well
  • Spent several hours Saturday and Sunday at a base facility for some family activities; they only charged for adult participants
  • Husband asked me to check what Wise Foods offers for camping and pantry foods; when I went to the site, it turned out they participate in Swagbucks. That’s a handy find!
  • Borrowed multiple books on Kindle Unlimited
  • Placed some holds on Overdrive library books
  • Downloaded more than twenty (!!!) free Kindle books
  • Took a Sunday drive out to a hiking and camping area – got some neat pictures of the sunset along the way
  • Downloaded two free Red Cross apps – one for First Aid and one for Pet First Aid
  • Rotated dog food from our storage into the daily use bin; researched prices on several sites to get the best price on her kibble and got Ibotta rebate of $2.16 as well

2 thoughts on “Frugal Accomplishments ~ Week Ending 11 Mar 2018”

  1. We took a drive this week, as well. It was just not raining on Friday afternoon, so we went! If we had waited until Saturday, it would have been even sunnier, but that’s when we could go.

    It sounds like you had a great week!

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