Frugal Accomplishments ~ Week Ending 4 February 2018

Happy February, everyone! I am pretty excited to have a lengthy list for last week’s Frugal Accomplishments. A lot of them are tiny little things – but as with a to-do list, I love being able to write them down and look back at the list. It makes me feel like I really “DID” something with my days (or our money) on the days that I feel like I didn’t do “enough”. Do you ever feel like that too? Lists sure help fight it. We DO do enough – it’s just hard to remember some days. So here’s to the little things; like actual pennies, the little habits and choices sure add up!

As usual I’m sharing this link over on Brandy’s frugal accomplishments post at The Prudent Homemaker. This is one of my favorite parts of the week!

  • Homemade dishwasher detergent
  • Took my daughter shopping for foundation items – she desperately needed a fitting and some better quality than we had gotten previously in the base store, so we hit a department store. After a fitting and an hour of trying things on, she walked out with 6 new bras and a bottle of delicates wash. The ticket didn’t come up cheap, but hopefully these will last her longer (at almost 17, she shouldn’t have too many more growth spurts to come). The clerk was super helpful and pointed us to clearance items that were 65% off; we found two that fit and received an additional 10% off those. Then we found two that were 40% off. The last one was full price. (Boo!) We also learned that they have a collection box for used bras – a company washes and sanitizes them and provides them to women who need assistance getting clothing for job interviews. We will be taking my daughter’s old size bras and some of mine in for donation.
  • Wrote up my dinner menu plan using items on hand in the pantry/freezer.
  • Daughter rode with friends for church and youth activities.
  • My kids sorted through their books and I began sorting through mine to find titles that might be useful for the owner of the local bookshop – anything she does want will give each of us a bit of store credit. (Particularly exciting to me since she carries items other than books that make great gifts, so I can offset gift-giving costs the rest of the year.)
  • My husband and I discussed signing up for Amazon Prime and Kindle Unlimited; we’ve been Prime customers before, so I knew we had no free trial waiting, but when I signed up for Kindle Unlimited, I was given a free 30-day trial. Woohoo! I’ve already read a half dozen books for free through the Kindle Unlimited option.
  • Used our Goal Zero panels and vehicle chargers to charge phones. I figure I’m already running the truck to take my daughter to her GED class – it doesn’t use any noticeable extra diesel to plug in the phone for the drive. (I’m chasing that utility rebate from Housing every month! LOL)
  • Borrowed DVDs and books from the library (and made sure to turn them in right away to avoid late fees).
  • Dropped off glass recycling in town while already running errands in the drop site area.
  • Daughter packed lunches and snacks from home and carried a refilled water bottle to classes each day.
  • Researched the price of dog food online before going to get a bag for the pantry; I haven’t checked the prices in a while so I wanted to make sure the feed store still had the lowest price. (They did and I got it while already in the area.)
  • Used CrockPot for cooking dinner three days of the week. I’m finding it works really well for me to not only cook in it, but to reheat the leftovers I have scheduled.
  • Daughter found her “lost” student ID, avoiding a replacement fee. (She just happened to stick it in her binder instead of the usual spot she put it.)
  • Downloaded a free Kindle book.
  • Husband used fuel points to get $1 off per gallon filling his car.
  • I’ve kept a running list of items we need/want to buy (similar to the grocery list I keep going on the fridge) – as we found good deals on certain things, I picked them up.
  • Used drying rack instead of the electric dryer for several loads of laundry.
  • Bought groceries and some personal care items at Target and saved $13.66 using Cartwheel app (which I found out also includes manufacturer coupons – it’s VITAL to scan each item with the barcode reader in the app to check for additional coupons and discounts). The deodorant and body wash we bought were all part of a promotion to get a $5 gift card, plus one item had a manufacturer coupon. I also used a $5 gift card (earned on our last trip) and we saved on the 5% commissary surcharge on the food items (food tax is under 2%).
  • Got spare charger cords for our phones at Staples for $4 on clearance and $10 off a shredder. Our “want to buy” list included the charger cables – we wanted one for each vehicle and one for each of the little solar panels we received for Christmas. Our “NEED” list had the shredder. I chose a shredder that happened to be on sale and had picked up 4 cables at $9.99 each (they were less than the $14.99 buy one, get one half off option) – but I spotted some cables in the clearance area for $4 each. Sold! 🙂
  • Used the rest of a restaurant gift card from my folks to treat the kids to lunch after a very busy Friday morning.
  • Borrowed movies from a friend that the library didn’t have in their holdings.
  • Husband brought me seltzer at Wal-Mart while there getting something else – saving the commissary surcharge (more than 3% difference vs tax).
  • Husband ordered some professional gear for 50% off through a store that is closing.
  • Did NOT make purchases through the variety of sale emails I received – I just deleted them unopened unless the company offered something that is on our “to buy” list.
  • Did NOT go to the food co-op during military discount days as we couldn’t think of anything we truly needed there.
  • We splurged on to-go lunch from a favorite Mexican restaurant; the portions are so big that everyone ate leftovers for dinner that night (which extended my dinner menu plan by a day). The staff were super sweet and included several bags of tortilla chips and containers of salsa without us asking; they are serving as snacks for us now!
  • Used leftovers to stretch two meals. I had some rice and taco filling leftover from a dinner the prior week and popped it into the CrockPot with the rest of the ingredients while making chili – it actually made it some of the best chili I’ve made, so I’ll plan to do that another week. (On purpose then. LOL) Another night I had planned to reheat baked ziti leftovers two nights after making the first dinner, but my family ate a bit more of it than usual. I had some leftover green beans (less than half a can) that I put in the CrockPot, along with opening a full can, and tucked the ziti leftovers next to the beans. It all heated up just fine and I didn’t have to fire up the gas stove – and we filled in with green beans what we would have eaten in pasta servings.
  • Husband used meal card for breakfast and lunch all week of his class.

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  1. Underthings are one of the most discouraging things to buy because they are expensive, hard to find the right fit on, and no one sees them!!! That being said..they are so necessary, so I’m glad you got a bunch. You did great this week!

    • Thank you, Becky! You made my day with your kind comment. 😀 You’re right – it’s so frustrating to spend so much on something like this! I think it gave my daughter a real reality check too, about what’s coming when she moves out over the next year or so. She’s seen me save up and shop only during annual sales with rewards and all kinds of things, but I don’t think it clicked WHY I do that until the sales clerk told her how much the tab should have been for her items. Even the sale prices were steep, but a huge savings in comparison.

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