Frugal Accomplishments ~ Week Ending 25 Feb 2018:

We had a pretty full week – accomplished quite a bit and even did it frugally. I’m so sad that Brandy at The Prudent Homemaker might not have a post up this week, per her Facebook post about computer troubles, but I’m excited to share what we were able to do so I’ll keep on keepin’ on until she’s up and running again. Hopefully that is VERY soon!

Here’s how our week went – feel free to share your news in the comments too!

  • Downloaded 6 free Kindle e-books.
  • Dried towels and clothing indoors on drying racks during rain; dried son’s clothes outside on rack when weather cleared.
  • Taught daughter how to hand wash the delicates (to preserve the items we got a deal on recently); she hung them to dry on a rack in her room.
  • Consolidated errand trips to save fuel.
  • Cooked from the menu plan, mostly items already in the pantry.
  • Borrowed e-books on Overdrive and Kindle Unlimited.
  • Husband watched movies on Amazon Prime & borrowed DVDs from library.
  • Watched for (and entered) Swagbucks and InboxDollars codes.
  • No school for daughter on Presidents’ Day – saved fuel on having to drive her.
  • Reorganized my laundry room using shelves we had on hand in storage room.
  • Found an extra lightbulb that had gotten set in a basket on a high shelf in laundry room after the move.
  • Put heavy-duty double sided Velcro tape on the bottom of our sectional couch cushions to keep them from sliding off (cheaper than buying a new couch in a fit of irritation after years of dealing with this LOL).
  • Used cloth handkerchiefs for nose blowing and reusable washrags for cleaning the house.
  • Homemade dishwasher soap, all-purpose cleanser, and mop fluid.
  • Took our books in to my friend at the local bookshop; the kids each received a $25 store credit and I earned $50 – plus we got her inventory for less out of pocket and cleared shelf space at home
  • My daughter spotted deeply clearanced “Valentine’s” chocolates at the base store; we got 3 of the huge Whitman’s Samplers and one of another brand for less than $30 – retail price would have been almost $150. I will split the chocolates up and vacuum seal them in smaller Food Saver bags for the freezer.
  • While there, my daughter was looking at new nail polishes but decided to save the $7.99 they asked for each bottle; instead, I gave her two bottles of nail polish that I got as gifts but very rarely use.
  • Purchased generic loratidine instead of name-brand Claritin.
  • Received our tax refund and put the bulk of it on husband’s car. We also decided that since we have our emergency fund built up, we will temporarily suspend our payday savings deposits and put them toward the car each payday instead. That gives us an extra $200 to put toward the principal and moves our potential payoff date to the end of December instead of February of 2019!
  • Refilled the kids’ hand soap dispenser from the bulk package and my shower gel foam pump with Dr. Bronner’s castile soap and water.
  • Purchased two rattan patio shades for the back of the house (on sale) to help cut the direct sun and the heat buildup in our living and dining rooms this summer.
  • Shopped for groceries at the commissary (earned $1 back on Ibotta app) and Target (using sale prices + Target Cartwheel, saved $5.75, plus earned $3 back on Ibotta app).
  • Went to an estate auction, mostly to learn the ropes of how they work; husband found a useful item and bid on it, getting it for much less than new/retail cost.
  • Purchased a hope chest for my daughter for her birthday from her grandparents – came in under their budget! They had asked me to look for one locally or find one online that they could have shipped, since it would be really difficult for them to ship one made by Grandpa; their budget was $200 or less. I, however, was keeping it as a surprise and had not told her about this while I looked. We went and perused some furniture and secondhand stores Saturday and she spotted a used Lane cedar chest for $89.95 that she asked for help purchasing. I checked it out, walked the rest of the store “thinking about it” and then handed her the cash for the purchase, then told her to call her grandparents and tell them thank you. 😉 She has already wiped it all down and put a bunch of her move-out necessities in it – all of which have been received as gifts from us or her various grandparents for when she is old enough to move out. Even with tax, we came in under $100 so my parents’ reimbursement to me is under their budget too.

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