Last Frugal Accomplishments of 2017

Each week Brandy at The Prudent Homemaker shares her frugal accomplishments from the previous week. I’m pretty excited to be finishing out the list of 2017 frugal accomplishments with a bang. Even with family in town for the holidays, we were able to find some deals and do some frugal things. Here’s how things went for our last week of the year:

  • Used homemade dishwasher soap
  • Used passive solar to heat rooms while sun was up; blinds and curtains to keep heat in when sun went down
  • Kept using our wool blanket and flannel sheets (though now it’s a bit warm for them when we go to bed – eek!)
  • Received $0.82 back as a prorate for Great Courses Plus for December (because I prepaid for the coming year)
  • Planned out local lunch spots with my folks and alternated who paid – plus everyone had leftovers for dinner each night since portions are so large at restaurants these days
  • Cooked lunches at home for all of us certain days, from food already on hand
  • Used an Amazon gift card from my father-in-love to purchase items for food storage (Palouse Grains hummus kits, which will save us on grocery store hummus that costs way more per serving) and a manual food processor; my daughter chose some items that she will need for when she is old enough to move out (a small Crock-Pot and a set of Corelle dishes)
  • My folks had breakfast included at their hotel; with the manager’s permission they brought us a few muffins on the mornings that we were picking them up early to go to touristy spots
  • Traded in some books at the new indie bookshop in town – used $40 for some books and a birthday gift & card for my daughter; still have $40 in store credit to use later
  • Received a rebate from our bank on ATM fees – put it in savings
  • Found half price holiday jam and chocolate bars at Beall’s – got a few of each for the pantry; also found a birthday gift for my daughter for $2.99
  • Received a free pen and some magazines from my mom
  • Got two bags of Greenies dog treats half-off at the feed store
  • Husband spotted a fuel transfer tank (which we’ve been eyeing for months for the truck!) marked down to HALF PRICE at the feed store
  • Carried water and snacks on all day trips with my parents
  • Borrowed books, DVDs, and e-books from the library
  • Used fuel points to fill both vehicles at $1 off per gallon
  • Received a free calendar from husband’s family – they purchase them annually to support the school their kids went to and my son loves having his own calendar for his room, from them
  • Bought two used books at the indie bookshop that the kids need for our second semester of homeschooling this year
  • Received a handful of offers in the mail – nothing of interest, but I came up with the idea of making a wee notebook for my purse out of the envelopes and backs of the letters
  • Went to the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum – they are PRICEY – invested in a family membership that came with passes. We used two of the passes for my folks and have one left for if my FIL comes to visit, plus we’ll have a year to go back whenever we like as a family. (Handy since our time there ran out and we only saw about half of the grounds!)
  • Received an email that our utility rebate will be around $40 – will keep an eye out for that deposit!

2 thoughts on “Last Frugal Accomplishments of 2017

  1. Sounds like a great week!

    I love family passes to things like that. We have had, and used, many over the years, especially when we had many children living at home. Often, it was less money for the yearly pass than it was to get in just the one time. Now that we don’t have as many kids at home…the one pass we have now is for the zoo, because I can take any children with me with the one I bought, so I’ve used it several times for my nieces, etc.

    • Hi Becky,
      Thanks for stopping by and for commenting! It does come out to be less many times, doesn’t it? We’ve done this for various zoos and wildlife parks. Now here we’ve bought the pass for the air & space museum and the desert museum. They definitely pay for themselves right away!

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