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Frugal Accomplishments ~ Week Ending 14 January 2018

During the month of January, I’m participating in a Pantry Challenge as well as a No Spend Month. These two are somewhat flexible, as participants can adapt the “rules” to their situation, and I’ve done exactly that. However, both have still helped me with my frugal goals so far this month. So here’s my list for last week, shared for this week’s Frugal Accomplishments post at The Prudent Homemaker:

  • Participated in the town library’s Fine Forgiveness week – had $6.20 taken off a family member’s card.
  • Borrowed books and DVDs from the library
  • Made sure to return the 1-week New Arrival books as soon as I read them (to avoid any more fines) 😉
  • Made a dinner Menu Plan that was all from items on hand (part of the Pantry Challenge)
  • Other meals/snacks were all from food on hand
  • My husband and son attended a going-away dinner for two of his colleagues – daughter and I stayed home and had the dinner I had in the Crock-Pot (cheaper than all four of us eating meals at the restaurant). I had asked him to bring us some fried pickles – that to-go order was delayed a bit, and they rewarded his patience with a free box of dinner rolls and cinnamon butter. The guys brought home leftovers and ate those for lunches for two days; daughter and I ate the pickles and rolls for lunch the next day.
  • Noticed a discrepancy in husband’s paycheck when it posted to our account; texted him right away so he can have it fixed.
  • Had a “mom date” with a friend at the local bookshop; made sure to take my gift certificate from books I took in and used it to purchase two school books for son, a birthday gift for each child, and a fiction book that both my mom and I will read.
  • Had to purchase ink at the office store – spotted two items for the kids’ birthdays for $5 each. (These two items were taken out of the $20 cash I had purposely set aside for gift purchases for the month [part of my NSM adaptation] so I’m done with their birthdays well in advance.)
  • Downloaded 7 free Kindle books and made sure to pass the titles on to a frugal friend so she could get them also.
  • Thanks to No Spend Month, we saved enough off of the first paycheck of the month to make a extra principal payment on husband’s car (vs taking it out of his second paycheck).
  • Received an email from our utility company that we will have a $31+ utility rebate due for December; I can now watch for the amount and put it in savings when it is deposited.
  • Did our grocery shopping at Target – made sure to scan each item in the Cartwheel app in case of additional discounts on top of sales and clearance prices. The highlights: Restocked our vitamins for buy one, get one half off plus a $1.65 Cartwheel coupon; received a $5 gift card back on a purchase of $15 of certain brands (got the guys Izze drinks); received 5% off ClifBars that were already on sale and a $0.75 coupon on a box of LaraBars that were on sale. Spotted some clearanced “As Is” green beans for $0.66 a can (marked down because something spilled on them) – bought three to refill the pantry ones I’ve used. Total savings was $35.38, plus the $5 gift card, and we’re now restocked for a month on most items – three things they didn’t have in stock, so I’ll grab those at the commissary and still come in under the budget I set for the trip.