Frugal Accomplishments for the First Week of 2018

Happy New Year, everyone! As you may recall, one of my favorite reads each week is Brandy’s Frugal Accomplishments post on The Prudent Homemaker. I love the sense of community, the many ideas shared by Brandy and her readers, and the inspiration and encouragement I get from each post and comment. I prune things from my to-do list every year, but one constant is reading (and hopefully contributing to) these lists – so I’m sticking with sharing on my end for 2018.

Here’s what my family accomplished the first week of January, 2018:

Saved $23 household supplies at Target – Using Cartwheel app we received 20% off two large jugs of Seventh Generation laundry detergent ($15.99 ea from $19.99) and received $10 off $40 in household supplies (which included the toilet paper and trash bags that were also on my list); bought two boxes of Annie’s macaroni & cheese (sale price $0.99 – 20% Carthwheel = $0.79 each). Bought my daughter a very large Rubbermaid tote for $5.99 to store items for when she is old enough to move out (Christmas colors of red & green were on sale)

Saved $38 on feminine supplies at Walgreens and stocked up for several months – I ordered online (free shipping for $35+ orders); applied $6.50 in manufacturer coupons to my rewards card; used an 18% off coupon code; and applied $10 of rewards already on my account. I also chose the least expensive per unit brands on the largest boxes available (so I don’t have to purchase again as soon) and items that had special offers on extra rewards points, which earned back 9,000 of the 10,000 points used.

Purchased a bag of Ghirardelli chocolate squares for half price; husband purchased several boxes of shotgun shells for hunting at 1/3 the regular price.

Husband used a coupon + carryout (no delivery fee or tip) and cash he had on hand to purchase a pizza for dinner one night.

Used Amazon gift card from my sister-in-law for gifts for the kids; one item is for my son to go with gifts purchased by my father-in-law and the other items were for my daughter’s move-out bin.

Downloaded five free Kindle books.

Borrowed DVDs and Overdrive books from the library; made sure to return all the DVDs before the due date to avoid late fees.

Saved a cute red ribbon from a bag of candy my son got in his stocking.

Pulled up a Hobby Lobby coupon on my phone while my daughter was purchasing a gift at Hobby Lobby & saved her 40% on one item.

Daughter signed up for a rewards card at an outlet store she was purchasing some other gifts at; she saved an additional 15% off the already low prices on the items she chose.

Purchased a $0.99 Kindle book with Amazon gift card from father-in-law.

Received our $40.08 utility rebate and immediately transferred it to savings.

Decided to participate in a No Spend Month challenge with a friend, as well as a Pantry Challenge in a ladies’ preparedness group – I allotted myself $20 for possible birthday gift shopping for my daughter’s April birthday and pulled cash for it in case I see an item that is perfect for her; my son helped make a menu plan for the first week of dinners from our pantry and freezer; planned out what purchases NEED to be made and which can wait until at least mid-month or February; am using OTC items alread on hand to deal with the symptoms of a cold I’m dealing with. (Full disclosure: I did ask my husband to go purchase some ginger ale for me.)

Made dinner in the Sun Oven on Saturday – lamb chops (yum!)

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