Frugal Accomplishments ~ Weeks Ending 17 and 24 Dec 2017

Hello everyone! I’ve been noting a few frugal accomplishments in the comments on Brandy’s blog, The Prudent Homemaker, the past couple of weeks. Since I’ve been so quiet here lately, I thought I’d share the rest of my December frugal notes with here today. I just realized that with the timing of the holidays, our next Frugal Accomplishments recap will fall on the very last day of the year. How fun!

Okay, here’s my breakdown for the past two weeks:

Week ending 17 December 2017:
*Made homemade dishwasher soap
*Used passive solar to heat house (with daytime sun) and keep cold air out (once the sun went down and temps dropped)
*Used warm blankets and sweatshirts to stay warm so our heat could stay off
*Daughter went caroling with youth group (free social entertainment)
*Downloaded a free Kindle book
*Borrowed four library e-books on Overdrive (and read one the first day)
*Downloaded free back issues of a newsletter
*Husband took a free hunting class on our installation
*Kids drew each other pictures for Christmas
*Made taco rice and taco soup from food storage for dinners
*Had a free consultation with a local orthodontist re: phase II of daughter’s orthodontic treatment; we might have more coverage than expected; received a free bottle of water on our way out
*Used a 40% off coupon on an item daughter wanted to get her boyfriend as a gift
*Put our wool Pendleton blanket (bought on clearance last year – woot!) on master bed to keep heat off in house
*Used a 20% off coupon code on Deseret Book website to order some gifts
*Groomed dog & clipped her nails at home
*Husband used fuel points for $1 off per gallon and filled his car for less than $15

Week ending 24 December 2017:
*Prepaid Great Courses Plus for a year for a significant discount, using code I found a few weeks ago
*Ordered 3 DVDs from Great Courses using gift code sent by Great Courses Plus division; saved $170 (and will also save on data because those courses won’t have to be watched in the app)
*Used homemade dishwasher soap
*Came up with a binder idea that will be my daughter’s Christmas present for 2018 (it will entail monthly printouts throughout the year, which will be organized by month as I receive the documents and print them, and will create a very useful book for when she is old enough to move out)
*Read a free e-book, a book my mom passed on, and two library books
*Put flannel sheets and another blanket (on my side) on master bed (Had to give in and turn the heat on, but it is set at 62F, so it has only run twice since our passive solar methods are getting us good heat during the day that stays in until the coldest hours of early morning)
*Treated a minor eye issue for the dog at home with items already on hand (saline eye wash, etc)
*Used fuel points to get $1 off per gallon to fill truck
*Researched recipes for homemade washing machine cleaner
*Created menu for during family’s holiday visit so we don’t spend every lunch out at restaurants
*Received a free pen with stylus at our Housing office; husband uses them at work and suggested using one to help with joint pain when using my phone to text/read e-books
*Researched battery replacement options for my laptop
*Wore heavier wool socks throughout the day to keep my feet warm and joints in better condition
*Downloaded a free “52 Weeks of Saving” e-book with printables; this will be a big help in meeting some financial goals I have for 2018