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December 2017 Goals

How did November go for you? Did you accomplish some of what you hoped to? You can see my November list here, with updates. Now, on to December! I’ve decided to shorten my list this month, so I’ve only put a couple of items in each category. It can be a bit discouraging to have a long list of things and only get a portion of them done; I’d much rather look back on each week and have the potential to ADD things that I did instead.

Sprout seeds
Sort & scan vital documents to USB drive
Write preparedness curriculum for kids’ 2nd semester (This started as a social studies unit study, because they finished their Histography course already. It appears they will finish Natural Science and Grammar in the early weeks of January, so we’ll just turn the whole school schedule into a larger program that will count as all subjects but math and Spanish. And yes, I do plan to pull it into a PDF so others can use it – let me know if you’d like to know when it’s available!)
Update my Thrive Life grocery list (formerly known as the Q) with December sale items [DONE – 4 Dec]

Work on Tesla shawl
Finish donation scarf

Read two books on my fall/winter reading list
Complete at least one FEMA Independent Study class [DONE 3 Dec]
Complete CERT training with my daughter [DONE 2 Dec]

Order business cards
Clips on portfolio page
Work on Prepare Anywhere book

Index at least 5 batches/50 records on FamilySearch [DONE – 4 Dec]

Walk at least once a week (with evacuation pack at least 1x in the month)
Make appointments for new referrals received [DONE – 6 Dec]