November 2017 Goals

How did October go for you? Did you accomplish some of what you hoped to? I got a few things finished and a few things I straight took off the list. You can see my October list here, with updates. Now, on to November!

Pantry & Preparedness:
Use Sun Oven as much as possible (we are finding it’s a trial and error process – but it’s fun and free fuel!)
Charge & program our HAM radios (Still learning how to program them, but they are charged!)
Scan vital documents to USB drive
Power outage exercise (for our family only, not our whole community) [Done 4 Nov]
Buy & process apples [Orchard closed 31 Oct – had to take this off the list]
Grow sprouts in sprouting jar

Finish the first half of Tesla shawl
Finish scarf for “Warm County” donation

Education & Personal Enrichment:
Read 3 books on fall/winter reading list – I am currently reading Churchill & Orwell and Void Star; will begin Military Strategy: A Very Short Introduction after those. [Churchill & Orwell done 7 Nov; Void Star done 21 Nov]
At least one FEMA Independent Study course (TWO completed: IS-100.b and IS-909)
Attend monthly meeting at local HAM club
Begin CERT course (Done!)

Writing & Professional Development:
Clips on portfolio page
Work on Prepare Anywhere book (Slowly but surely!)
Article entry to a contest

Index at least 5 batches of records on FamilySearch (Done – did 1 batch with 70 records in it)

Health & Wellness:
Follow-up on referrals [1 appt scheduled] (This appointment netted me some good news – woohoo!)
Dentist appointments for myself and children (Done – but now we have 3 new appointments haha!)
Walk 2x weekly – 1 with evacuation pack, 1 without

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