Frugal Accomplishments ~ Week Ending 12 Nov 2017

Each week Brandy at The Prudent Homemaker shares her frugal accomplishments from the previous week. These weekly posts are some of my very favorites to read – both Brandy’s posts and her readers’ comments provide a great deal of inspiration and encouragement for me. True confession time, folks: I have taken to writing a list in my journal all week to keep track of anything and everything we’ve done that is even slightly frugal. Sometimes it feels like I’m not doing enough! I’m hoping that by keeping this list, I’ll have a reminder that at least I tried. 😉

Here’s what I scrawled in the journal this week:
*Took Navy showers
*Used personal cloth for #1
*Used drying rack for all laundry done by me (Daughter used dryer for one load of hers)
*Baked potatoes in Sun Oven – still a learning process, so they weren’t quite done, but we cut a lot of the  (natural gas) oven usage with the S.O. Also made brownies and a dinner of bratwurst and sauerkraut in Sun Oven.
*Researched DIY haircuts and sent link to husband to try on mine in a few weeks
*Returned a book to the library – not totally frugal as it was late (eek!), but at least it will stop accruing fines
*Brewed herbal and fruit tea at home 3x
*Opened windows and doors for cooler air in AM & PM
*Turned off ceiling fans as soon as I woke up in the morning (while others were sleeping – their rooms were cooled off enough thanks to the night temperatures)
*Resisted buying a CB radio at WalMart – REALLY hard to do as I’ve wanted one since we got the truck 5 years ago. Waiting until payday though.
*Read frugal blog posts for more inspiration
*Filled husband’s car at Kroger affiliate using $1 off fuel discount; he got 3/4 of a tank for less than $15
*Used DIY cleaning spray and reusable rags to clean house
*Combined the last of some hemp shampoo and conditioner to make shower gel for myself; they weren’t working out with my chemistry for my hair, but they’ll sure work fine as “soap”
*Received our utility rebate and transferred it to savings ($46 for two months – woohoo!)
*Recharged 3 solar lanterns after our power outage test day
*Carried snacks from home for kids’ college classes; we did buy drinks and our main “meal” at the base shoppette, but at least we didn’t pay tax
*Son downloaded 2 free flight simulator apps
*Taught daughter how to take a “Navy shower” – she remembered most days of the week to do it and cut her water usage by a significant amount
*Let the “yellow mellow”
*Daughter attended her free art class; son was allowed to sit in another aviation school class (Y’all, you should see how excited this kid is in there. He went and asked the instructor a question after the class and was SO THRILLED that he and an advanced student answered it without “treating him like a child”. LOL!)
*Checked out three Overdrive e-books and a big stack of print books and magazines from library
*Used pizza coupon and carryout (no delivery fee) for dinner one night
*Downloaded a trial issue of a new frugal preparedness e-newsletter
*Refilled kids’ soap pump from bulk bottle
*Opened blinds/curtains (and closed when sun was direct to block heat) and used solar tubes in kitchen and bathrooms instead of using electric lights
*Daughter and I began our CERT training (free due to a grant the hosting agency received); carried our lunch and drinks and then found out they had snacks and water there. Drank provided water and brought our bottles home.
*Download free emergency alert app suggested by the county emergency manager during CERT class
*Made quinoa at home after trying a premade quinoa cup for lunch; what I made ended up providing 4 servings! I’ll have this for a lot of lunches this week – I hope it turned out well. 😉 I cooked the quinoa with some dehydrated onions and celery, then drizzled some olive oil on top and used a can of olives from the pantry as topping, divided between the four jars. Two I sprinkled some chili powder on top, two I left unseasoned. I wish I’d had some artichokes to cut up (that’s what the topping was for my purchased cup) – they will go on the grocery list. We do have some seasoned tuna packets (bought 50% off heehee) that I might add for some flavor and a really full meal.
*Picked up a nickel in a parking lot

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