Frugal Accomplishments ~ Week Ending 29 Oct 2017

Each week Brandy at The Prudent Homemaker shares her frugal accomplishments from the previous week. These weekly posts are some of my very favorites to read – both Brandy’s posts and her readers’ comments provide a great deal of inspiration and encouragement for me. Here are my frugal doings for the past week:

Cooked dinners at home from my menu plan 

Continued reading print and e-books from the library

Completed a survey on InboxDollars *affiliate link* and earned $0.50 on my account

Printed coupons from (I used to print them on InboxDollars, but for some reason they aren’t printing for me on there, even though is the program they use.) Saved almost $12 at the commissary.

Downloaded the Target app and loaded coupons onto my Cartwheel

Dried three loads of clothes and two loads of washrags & towels on my drying rack; used wool dryer balls on half a load in the electric dryer, cutting the time significantly spent drying

Downloaded a free flight simulator app for my son, who hopes to become a pilot

Continued opening and closing windows and blinds to prevent A/C use

Continued taking “Navy showers” – while we don’t pay our water bill, I want to conserve resources and also prepare for when my husband retires and we DO pay our water bill. I also realized that running less water means less heat and steam in the shower, so I’m at least using less electricity to run the ceiling vent. (I’m always bucking for that electric rebate check! haha)

Made a half gallon jar of herbal tea and a jar of herbal chai concentrate to drink instead of going to the shoppette for more soda

***Forgotten last week: free exercise and entertainment, plus tackling one of my October goals: one evening we went for a walk and I carried my evacuation pack; the next day we went for a hike on a local trail (4 miles roundtrip) – I didn’t carry my pack then, but did keep my purse on me, with the thought that it’s what I’d grab if I had to run out of the house due to a fire or something.

Finished a 2liter bottle of seltzer water and filled it with tap water for our emergency supplies

Used our brand new Sun Oven (WOOHOO!) to bake two batches of cookies, hard cook a dozen eggs, and make lamb chops and peas for a late lunch on Sunday

Remember that frugal project I had planned with the baby wash cloths mentioned last week? I was able to get that set up. Basically I am switching myself to family cloth (would that just be personal cloth?) instead of toilet paper. I had already knit about 15 cloths a few years back, but didn’t get any more made. Between those and the packs of baby wash cloths (a tip a friend with severe RA mentioned to me), I have about 30 cloths. Even I don’t pee THAT much, so they’ll last a while.

Got our utility bill – we will be receiving a rebate of $46.25 at the end of the month. -$22.71 was our previous negative balance, and this statement’s balance is -$23.54; apparently the trigger point is $25 to get a rebate. I’m hoping that with the huge drop in air conditioning use and the new Sun Oven trimming our gas use, our next bill will put us into the rebate zone within a single month. Here’s hoping! (I was also able to see our water usage, and I’m glad I started taking Navy showers; by adjusting my teeth brushing habits, I was able to trim 190 gallons off our water usage on the last statement. However, the target usage for that cycle for our floor plan was only 3,461 gallons – that puts us WAY over. I’m wondering if smaller families moved into our floor plan, or people are deployed, or if we really do have a leak somewhere. I will be speaking with the family member who I believe is a big user of water about taking Navy showers – when that person was out of the house for a billing cycle, we were down to 3,090 gallons vs a neighborhood average of 3,709. We do not water our yard or wash vehicles at home, so it is all personal usage. Hmmmmm…… )