Frugal Accomplishments ~ Week Ending 15 Oct 2017

Each week Brandy at The Prudent Homemaker shares her frugal accomplishments from the previous week. There is so much inspiration and encouragement in her posts and the many comments from her readers. Here’s a little run down of our frugal happenings for the past week:

Did some shopping for groceries and hygiene items at Target instead of the commissary. Shopped from the list and also spotted some items on sale that I know we will need in the nearish future, and used a peelie coupon that was on an item for $1 off. Total savings $23.76, plus one deal on Suave shampoos got us a $5 Target gift card to use on another trip. We also paid less in sales tax (less than 2% on the grocery items, plus regular sales tax on hygiene and a bunch of storage items) vs the commissary’s surcharge (5% on ALL items): $7.17 vs $12.16 = $4.99 saved in tax. [Edit: Also received a $2 off coupon for string cheese that I forgot while typing this.]

[FUTURE SAVINGS] While in the area, we were able to scope out the entrance and exit to the local Kroger-affiliate that has a fuel station with diesel. From the road it looks really awful to get in and out of, but I found an entrance that should be easier. (That may sound silly, but if any of you have ever driven a long bed, crew-cab truck, you know what I’m dealing with. For those that haven’t, imagine driving a small RV through tight spaces. You’ll get the idea. *wink*) Now that we have a way into that fuel station, I can use my folks’ Kroger points card – they frequently have extra $1.00 off rewards, which makes a big difference when you have a 30+ gallon tank! Best part is I drive past there weekly for my daughter’s free ceramics class at a local college, so I can start filling up on our way home.

Purchased a Christmas gift for my husband via Amazon & received free shipping. Also picked up some small preparedness items from my list that qualify as “Add-On Items” so those got free shipping as well.

Attended a lecture at a local museum, the price of which was included in admission, and we have a family pass for said museum. They also don’t charge for parking, so our only expense was the diesel for the trip and a little splurge on locally made ice cream at the café.

Borrowed a print book and some magazines from the library, as well as an ebook on Overdrive. Both the book and the ebook are on my fall/winter reading list, so when I finish reading John Adams on Overdrive, I can roll right into the next books on the list.

Cooked from the menu plan, which focused on foods already in the pantry and freezer.

Recently figured out that I’d use less energy to reheat my baked ziti in a slow cooker instead of in the (gas) oven. Between not needing to fire up the oven and creating less heat in the house, this is a win I wish I’d thought of earlier! (We do not own a microwave.)

Continued opening up the doors and windows as soon as the sun is setting and in the mornings before it comes around to our unshaded areas. I was able to keep the A/C unit from running almost all day and every night last week. I keep the A/C set at 79F – 81F depending on the time of day; I had it set for 77F at night, but have been able to get the house down to 75F or lower before bed time, so it doesn’t even come on!

Indexed several batches of WWII draft registration cards on – free entertainment and my volunteer time goes to a wonderful cause. Plus I hit 100 records/10 batches, which was one of my goals for October.

Had a discussion about classical composers with my son when he asked who my favorites are; pulled up some YouTube videos of various orchestras playing pieces by several composers for free “edutainment”.

Made a purchase at Lowes and asked if they still offer a military discount; they do, and applied it. The cashier kindly let me know that customer service can link the military discount to a MyLowes card to make it faster in the future.

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