September 2017 Goals

One of my favorite bloggers, Brandy at The Prudent Homemaker, shares her goals at the beginning of each month, broken down into categories such as garden, sewing, and the like. I usually have a mental list going, but since one of my goals for the upcoming months is to get back to blogging more, I’m going to go ahead and get them in writing here on ye olde blog.

Pantry & Preparedness:
Purchase pickling cucumbers (if still available locally – I may have missed the season here) and apples in bulk to make pickles, applesauce, and apple pie filling to can
Cook dry beans & freeze for easier use in slow cooker meals (DONE)
Purchase two cases of bottled water for our emergency supplies
Scan vital documents onto a portable drive for our emergency bag(s)

Knit a hat for donation (using stash yarn and the Victoria’s Hugs and Kisses pattern from a yarn crawl)
Restart my Tesla shawl (which I had to frog last month due to a fatal error I couldn’t fix)
Learn how to warp my Cricket and tapestry looms

Education & Personal Enrichment:
Move into our second month of the new homeschooling year (this week begins week four for the kids – yes, I made them do lessons on Labor Day) (DONE(
Continue attending events with our homeschool group (DONE)
Finish reading my summer reading list (focused on dyes and colorants) (DONE)
Move onto my fall & winter reading list (which will be this summer reading list posted on From the Green Notebook)
Finish the “Great Utopian and Dystopian Works of Literature” lecture series I am watching on The Great Courses Plus

Writing & Professional Development:
Post on this blog at least two times a week (Averaged less, but got some posts up!)
Write & submit at least two articles/stories (Not submitted, but got a lot of work done)
Begin transferring clips list to this site
Work on my non-fiction book, Prepare Anywhere

Index at least four files
Copy irreplaceable family photos; place copies in frames and store originals in archival envelopes in our fire evacuation closet
Spend at least one hour per week on family history research

Health & Wellness:
Attend upcoming optometrist appointments for myself and children (DONE)
Attend upcoming doctor appointments for myself and children (DONE)
Make appointments for dental exams/cleanings for myself and children
Walk at least twice weekly (DONE)

Edited to add:
Complete at least two FEMA Independent Study (IS) courses – this one falls under several categories and I can’t decide where to put it! Pantry & Preparedness, Education & Personal Enrichment, AND Writing & Professional Development. 😀 (1 done)

What are your goals for September? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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