Three Ways to Prepare in Just Five Minutes Each

1) Filling your gas tank? Set the pump on auto so you can check your tire pressure and look for nails/screws that could cause a slow leak; also check treads for safe depth and any sign of uneven wear. Fill low tires (or remove air, if seasonally appropriate) before leaving the gas station. 2) Cold and flu season is coming. Wipe down phones, door handles, your steering wheel, and anything else you touch where germs…

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National Preparedness Month 2017

Did you know that September is National Preparedness Month? While this is a vital topic year round, each September sees resources being shared for families, congregations, schools, government organizations, and businesses to become better prepared. With fall on its way, this is the time of year to start readying ourselves for potential events that arrive as winter sweeps into the Northern Hemisphere. This year these matters are particularly on our minds, thanks to the devastating…

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Education Fiber Arts Reading List

Summer 2017 Reading List

As I mentioned earlier this week, my summer reading list for 2017 focused on dyes and colorants. I have several titles on my fiber shelf that deal with the mechanics of dyeing fiber and fabric, particularly with natural items such as roots, flowers, and the like. A few years ago I had the opportunity to take a class on natural dyeing at Arbutus Folk School (located in the Pacific Northwest). The class included a trip…

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September 2017 Goals

One of my favorite bloggers, Brandy at The Prudent Homemaker, shares her goals at the beginning of each month, broken down into categories such as garden, sewing, and the like. I usually have a mental list going, but since one of my goals for the upcoming months is to get back to blogging more, I’m going to go ahead and get them in writing here on ye olde blog. Pantry & Preparedness:

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