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Frugal Accomplishments – Week Ending 5 February 2017

Each week Brandy at The Prudent Homemaker shares her frugal accomplishments from the previous week. There is so much inspiration and encouragement in her posts and the many comments from her readers. Here’s a little run down of our frugal happenings for the past week:

  • Used fuel points to fill up car – received $1 off per gallon (savings: $16.27)
  • Had a “Mommy-Bubby date”; received a military discount and used store points to pay for lunch (savings: $7.99)
  • Received a 15% discount for refilling our bulk dog treat bin instead of using plastic bags (savings: $1.46)
  • Used no additional fuel for our lunch stop – it was on the way from the gas station to the pet supply store.
  • Downloaded five more books from the county library on Overdrive.
  • Drove less – my daughter’s crochet class ended the week prior, then she was out of town, so three less activities driven to.
  • Combined two days’ meet-ups: rescheduled a trip to the town that I pick my daughter up in so that I didn’t have to drive there two days in a row.
  • Looped errands: dropped books in the library bin on the way to the post office, then checked thrift store hours and stopped at a base store on the way back.
  • Saved $54.00 by not buying a skincare set I thought would help my rosacea. I knew the base store carried Origins, so I went and checked out the set I was interested in, rather than buying it online untested. It’s a good thing I did – I am sensitive to smells and after smelling the lotion, that product line is not right for me.
  • Deactivated my Facebook account for a bit. (Savings: several hours of time. I read so much on my library & Kindle books Friday that it was almost scary; I kept thinking I was forgetting to do something, but it was checking Facebook!)
  • Purchased layering tops for daughter: The thrift store was closed, and I had planned to look for an item for crafting and clothes for her. While at the base store to look at the skincare stuff, I suggested we check the clearance racks for her instead. We were able to find eight long sleeve tops on clearance and pick up some inexpensive T-shirts for layering under them. They are all lighter-weight items that will easily take her through the year – right now she can wear them with a sweater if need be. (Total savings: $92.54; our best deal was a shirt down from $19.00 to $4.67.)
  • Read a library book.
  • Ate from the pantry.
  • Took the kids sledding at a local park.