Uber Frugal Month (Thus Far)

I’m not a resolution maker these days. Years ago I used to take the time to write up a list of resolutions, but any more, I just have a mental “to do” list for the year. I do enjoy the January frugal living challenges that come up each year though. We keep things fairly small through the holidays, but come the new year, it’s refreshing to see what others are doing to dive into a more frugal lifestyle; it often inspires me to adjust a few things on my end as well.

That’s why I’ve been eyeballing the Frugalwoods Uber Frugal Month posts and sorta-kinda participating. My friend Wendy has been participating on her blog, which I particularly appreciate because she’s further along on the frugal pathway and shares things that help me think beyond the starter items in the Frugalwoods posts. The Uber Frugal Month posts are awesome because Continue reading

Books Read in 2016 (Part 2)

A few days ago I shared the beginning of my list of books read in 2016. Here’s the next installment. If you’ve read any of these, please take a moment to share your thoughts on them in the comments. If you’re familiar with any of them and have suggestions for other titles you think I should read based off of these, do let me know! I’m always on the hunt for more to read! Continue reading

Books Read in 2016 (Part 1)

One of my favorite post types at the beginning of each new year are the lists of what folks read the prior year. I always glean new entries for my library list from Bill at Practicing Resurrection, so I was very happy to catch his 2016 reading post recently. Even more exciting for me was that I recognized a few of the titles as items I read myself, either during 2016 or a prior year.

I try to keep track of what titles I read and how many books I read each year. During 2016, I read 199 books – I’m pretty sure that’s my record so far. I may have beat that number back in my young, single days, prior to kids and a house and all that adult jazz, but I didn’t keep track way back then. I can estimate that most years I would average a minimum of a book a week, maybe more, depending on what genre I was working my way through in a certain phase of life. Anyway, when I posted on social media about my excitement of about my official total, a friend teased that I had been slacking and should’ve read one more book to make it an even 200 titles. When I mentioned this good-natured ribbing to my family, and the fact that I was thrown off by a book I started New Year’s Eve that turned out to be WAY longer than I expected (as of today I’m still only about 60% through it!), my teenager mentioned I should have just grabbed a children’s book and read it just before midnight. GAH! Too bad I didn’t think of that! 😉

That said, a list of almost 200 books would get a bit boring, Continue reading

Beginning Canning Resources

Last week I had the opportunity to assist with a jam making class for a ladies’ night. My co-teacher brought jam making supplies and explained the basics of how to make grape jelly from grape juice; I brought in two canners and a small collection of books and magazines about canning. Below is the list of resources I took to the class, as well as some other items that I mentioned to the ladies in attendance. It is my hope that posting this on my blog will serve them (I told everyone not to bother writing any of it down – easier to post it here!) and my readers. Whether you’re looking for supplies and resources for your first attempts at canning or you’re ready to advance your skills, I’m sure there will be something here of use to you!

Books: Continue reading


Thank you for joining me here on my blog. This is the place for announcements about my writing, as well as some sneak peeks into my manuscripts and some tips and resources related to them. That’s not all, though!

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