Frugal Accomplishments – Week Ending 21 Jan 2017

Each week Brandy at The Prudent Homemaker shares her frugal accomplishments from the previous week. There is so much inspiration and encouragement in her posts and the many comments from her readers. Here’s a little run down of our frugal happenings for the past week:

  • Sold my son’s finished math curriculum to a friend ($60), which covers my daughter’s book fee for guitar class ($20 – she paid $5 of the fee herself) and part of the purchase of my son’s next math set (being purchased used from a friend).
  • Took a survey about a Kroger magazine to be entered for a $250 grocery gift card (here’s hoping!).
  • Drove my husband’s car through the week instead of using the truck (better mileage).
  • Adjusted my dryer use from “economy” to “less dry” – on my first load, I did it to be able to hang the laundry afterward to finish drying, but it was almost completely dry anyway! I did the same on my son’s laundry and only had two pairs of pants that needed to hang dry further.
  • Had lunch at my folks’ (they call it Free Lunch Friday lol); combined that with a trip to the recycle center to drop off bags of glass items.
  • Finished leftovers from Thursday as Friday dinner.
  • Groomed dog at home using spray shampoo and other items already on hand.
  • Trimmed son’s hair.
  • Trimmed daughter’s hair.
  • Remained at home during a rosacea flare up instead of rushing to the store to find something – anything, please! – to soothe my skin. Took the dog for a walk and the cold air helped a little; the rest I was able to tone down with witch hazel while I research further. (I know the flare was caused by stress, so I don’t know that a store-bought skin set would really help much.)
  • Exercised for free at home (walking the dog; doing body weight exercises periodically throughout the day, such as squats, leg lifts, and incline push ups while water boils and emails load) instead of spending fuel driving to the gym or track.
  • Continued using yarn from stash for projects (current WIPs are a crochet scarf for donation at my mom’s, from yarn she had on hand – I work on this weekly after our lunches; a simple knit scarf from yarn I was given by a friend; a baby hat for donation from yarn left over from a previous hat & cowl donation project; and my shawl, from yarn left over from a sweater knit for my son).
  • Son and I stayed at the facility my daughter was taking a lesson at instead of going to a restaurant or coffee shop and buying things we don’t need.
  • Son and I used computers at base library while daughter was in a lesson; son borrowed a huge bag of books there as well.
  • Son and I went to county library and picked up holds while waiting for daughter at youth meeting; borrowed a set of DVDs and several books there.
  • Downloaded Overdrive app (free) and learned how to use it to borrow a county library eBook.
  • Ordered vitamins through Vitamin Shoppe, using coupon code; logged in thru Ebates first to receive 1% back; will also receive “points” toward a quarterly cash award from VS.
  • Downloaded the Deseret Book Bookshelf app (free) and downloaded the free eBook from my Rewards account ($19.99 retail), along with the eight eBooks included in the app ($165 retail value).
  • Ordered three birthday gifts for my daughter and a book I’ve been considering for myself, using 25% off Rewards coupon (saved $14.00), free shipping over $49 code (saved $7.49), and $1.49 rewards points I had (total savings: $22.98 plus fuel to drive several hours for the closest Deseret Book).
  • Received an incredibly generous gift of over a dozen mystery books from a friend who is clearing out some of her bookshelves- WOW! (The bulk of them are a new-to-me series called the Wind River mysteries that we had been discussing, but my library doesn’t have them. Needless to say, I’m incredibly grateful to her and looking forward to reading all these wonderful books!)



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