Books Read in 2016 (Part 3)

Well now – none of you have reported falling asleep while reading through my book lists from last year, so I’ll go ahead and throw some more at you. I found while typing my last post that I could actually do two pages from the list, so bear with me and I’ll give you two more. Doing this makes the posts a bit longer, so bear with me. On the up side, there’s just one more section to go and you’ll have read everything I read last year ~ well, the titles of everything I read. 😉

I hope you spot something that sounds interesting to you! (If you’d like to see the prior entries, you can find Part 1 of the list here and Part 2 of the list here.)

Will Write for Shoes – Yardley
299 Days IX: The Restoration – Tate
Who Do You Think You Are? – Smolenyak
Yarned and Dangerous – Hartwell
Full Rip 9.0 – Doughton
You Can Write Your Family History – Carmack
The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend – Bivald
The Prodigy’s Cousin – Ruthsatz
One Year After – Forstchen
100 Days of Real Food – Leake
Growing Tomorrow – Pritchard *edited to correct mis-entered title!*
Cathedral – DeMille
The Vegiterranean Diet – Hever
More Than the Tattooed Mormon – Carraway
The Yarn Woman – Mencher
Genealogy Do-Over Workbook – MacEntee
The Green Book – Rogers & Kostigen
Knot the Usual Suspects – MacRae
Ravens of Avalon – Paxson
You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost) – Day
A Celtic Witch – Geary
A Lost Witch – Geary
Marie Curie and Her Daughters – Emling
Purl Up and Die – Sefton
Trimmed with Murder – Goldenbaum
Looming Murder – Martin
The Only Pirate at the Party – Stirling & Passey
Love the House You’re In – Rien
The Stash Plan – Prepon & Troy
This Organic Life – Gussow
Day of Wrath – Forstchen
The Harrows of Spring – Kunstler
A Veiled Antiquity – McPherson
A Misty Mourning – McPherson
Killing Cousins – McPherson
Gone with the Wool – Hechtman
Murder at Lambswool Farm – Goldenbaum
A Comedy of Heirs – MacPherson
Blood Relations – MacPherson
In Sheep’s Clothing – MacPherson
Thicker Than Water – ”
Dead Man Running – ”
Died in the Wool – ” (Can you tell I ordered this whole series of genealogy mysteries and read them thru?) 😉
Year-Round Indoor Gardening – Burke
Simply Organic – Cool
Fresh & Fast Vegetarian – Simmons
The ADA Vegetarian Cookbook – Petuseusky
Discovering the Word of Wisdom – Birch
The Long Emergency – Kunstler
Cooking Around the World: German – Chamberlain
Lab Girl – Jahren
The Local Economy Solution – Shuman
Home Baked – Risgaard
Cooking Close to Home – Imrie & Jarmusz
Security Mom – Kayyem
A Prepper’s Cookbook – Moore
Knit to be Tied – Sefton
The Journal: Cracked Earth – Moore

2 thoughts on “Books Read in 2016 (Part 3)

  1. I’m intrigued by the “Growing Real Food” book. At first I thought it might be written by Forrest Pritchard, but I can’t find it on the net. Could you share the author’s first name and the full title of the book?

    I’ve really enjoyed reading your impressive list!

    • I’m so glad you asked this, Bill, because it turns out I had myself totally turned around on this title too! I went through my Kindle and my library site and all kinds of things trying to find you the full title – turns out I wrote it down wrong. The ACTUAL entry should have read Growing Tomorrow; the full title is Growing Tomorrow: A Farm-to-Table Journey in Photos and Recipes: Behind the Scenes with 18 Extraordinary Sustainable Farmers Who Are Changing the Way We Eat.
      Looking at my book list, I must have just carried down “Real Food” from the title above when I was writing it down. They are a week or so apart and apparently my brain combined the new entry with the previous one. Typing it up this many months later, I didn’t even catch the error!
      I’m willing to bet you’ve already perused the *real* book – but if you haven’t, I would definitely look for it. After seeing the cover while trying to figure out what on earth I’d done there, I remember it being rather enjoyable. Other folks must have been excited to read it too, because it’s one of quite a few sustainable farming books I’ve been down the line on the request list for. 🙂

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