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Books Read in 2016 (Part 1)

One of my favorite post types at the beginning of each new year are the lists of what folks read the prior year. I always glean new entries for my library list from Bill at Practicing Resurrection, so I was very happy to catch his 2016 reading post recently. Even more exciting for me was that I recognized a few of the titles as items I read myself, either during 2016 or a prior year.

I try to keep track of what titles I read and how many books I read each year. During 2016, I read 199 books – I’m pretty sure that’s my record so far. I may have beat that number back in my young, single days, prior to kids and a house and all that adult jazz, but I didn’t keep track way back then. I can estimate that most years I would average a minimum of a book a week, maybe more, depending on what genre I was working my way through in a certain phase of life. Anyway, when I posted on social media about my excitement of about my official total, a friend teased that I had been slacking and should’ve read one more book to make it an even 200 titles. When I mentioned this good-natured ribbing to my family, and the fact that I was thrown off by a book I started New Year’s Eve that turned out to be WAY longer than I expected (as of today I’m still only about 60% through it!), my teenager mentioned I should have just grabbed a children’s book and read it just before midnight. GAH! Too bad I didn’t think of that! 😉

That said, a list of almost 200 books would get a bit boring, and I’d like you to be able to read through my selections, see if anything sounds interesting to you, and hit your library, local bookseller, or e-reader shelf for some good reads. I don’t want to bore you to sleep (or make you feel like you just read all the books yourself) because of a long, drawn out list. Plus my arthritis can’t handle typing up that long of a list in one fell swoop! That’s why I’ll be breaking my list into chunks of about 30 titles at a time. It’ll make for a lengthy series of posts, but it will save my joints a bit and save you some time. It’s also convenient because I can just transcribe a page at a time from my journal. Just imagine you’re browsing the book list in the back of a composition notebook, written in whatever color pen happened to be at hand. It’ll be like you’re at my desk – but only I have to see the dust. You’re welcome. 😀

So let’s get started with the beginning of 2016. I hope you find something that interests you or that you hadn’t heard about. If you have read any of the books listed, drop me a line in the comments section and tell me how you liked the book. I’m always up for a discussion about books – reading is my absolute favorite hobby!

Land of Promise – Rawles
Matt & Shari Great Weekend Projects – Hiller & Fox
Sew Dog – Quasha & Hastings
Shades of Winter – Knitting with Natural Wool – Johansson
Gifted: Lovely Little Things to Knit & Crochet – Kardis
The Latter-day Morning – Bacera
4 Minutes a Day – Nugent
Genealogy Online, 10th Edition – Crowe
Oathkeeper – Grice
IBS Foods, Facts & Recipes – Parker & Lewis
Gathering Storm – Tarr
Walking for Fitness – Caron
Own Your Life – Clarkson
Cleaning House – Wyma
Say Goodbye to Survival Mode – Paine
Beyond Ordinary – Davis
Botanical Body Care – Uphoff
Lilias’ Yoga (Midlife) – Folan
Good Cheap Eats – Fisher
Restful Insomnia – Kornblatt
Crafting a Colorful Home – Nicholas
Shooter’s Bible Guide to Home Defense – Eckstine
Station Eleven – Mandel
The Best Yes – Terkeurst
Karma’s a Killer – Weber
The Herbal Apothecary – Pursell
Happier at Home – Rubin
Spark Joy – Kondo
Spider Woman’s Daughter – Hillerman

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