About Melonie

Melonie Kennedy is a military wife and homeschooling mother. She is an ordained minister, an NRA and USCCA-certified Range Safety Officer and firearms instructor, and a certified YogaFit Level One instructor.

As a writer and editor, her work has appeared in a variety of media, both online and in print, from poetry anthologies and trade journals to magazines and books. An avid reader, she also enjoys knitting and suburban homesteading.

Current works in progress are:

  • The Tacti-Cozy Stories” ~ a satirical blog for readers who enjoy “prepper” fiction and cozy mysteries
  • Prepare Anywhere ~ for those who wish to increase their family’s preparedness no matter what season of life or neighborhood they are in. (Nonfiction.)
  • Baker’s Dozen ~ a YA novel about a group of teens camping in the Pacific Northwest, unable to return home after a 9.0 earthquake devastates the I-5 corridor.
  • Preschool at Home: Why Pay to Play? ~ a resource manual drawing from the homeschooling community; for parents who would prefer to keep their children home for their younger years, but may or may not plan to homeschool during the school years.